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A Chiropractor’s Guide to Easing Pain

Too often, aches and strains are dismissed because life in Largo is in constant motion. You might not feel like you have the freedom to make time for self-care. Things seldom slow down, so it’s up to you to prioritize your wellness. Take action if pain persists in these areas: Neck Shoulders Lower back Foggy brain or migraines Joint stiffness This list doesn’t even begin to cover the possibilities, so [...]

Does Excess Body Weight Effect Back Pain? Yes!

Suffering from back pain in Largo, Florida? We can help. Accidents, spinal deformities, sprains, and a poor mattress are just a few of the things that can cause back pain. However, there is another culprit. Excess body weight can add pressure, strain, and tension to the spine and surrounding muscles, tissues, and bones. At Coastal Chiropractic, we not only offer outstanding chiropractic services, but we also offer affordable and exceptional [...]

Chiropractor Guide: Better Health for Desk Workers

Desk jobs in Seminole can be profitable, but there aren’t many benefits for your body. Lengthy spells of sitting, whether you have poor posture or not, lead to earlier death. Your mind may be racing at work, but physical inactivity will harm you over time. If you spend most of your day in a seat, our chiropractor has some tips for improving your health without having to change your job. [...]

4 Chiropractic Services to Improve Your Work Day

Many of us in Clearwater spend a considerable portion of our day at our workplace. Whatever that looks like, stress is placed on your body. It may be that you sit at a computer all day or that you are under a lot of pressure regarding a performance review. Whatever the case, you can improve your work day with these four chiropractic services. Computerized Postural Examinations At your first visit, [...]