Dr. Marc and his staff are the best. I've been treating with Dr. Marc for several years for a chronic condition. I am certain that his skilled chiropractic care has kept me going. I highly recommend Dr. Marc at Coastal Chiropractic, you'll be glad you put yourself in his care.

Susan W

I went to Dr. Rogers for about three years. He treated me for elbow, shoulder, neck and back pains. He helped heal me well to go to do my job everyday. He was very professional. Also, He was very kind and easy to talk. His staff is kind, hard working and very professional, too.

Betty L.

I went to Dr. Rogers for about three years. He treated me for elbow, shoulder, neck and back pains. He helped heal me well to go to do my job everyday. He was very professional. Also, He was very kind and easy to talk. His staff is kind, hard working and very professional, too.

Natik H.

I have had lower back problems for years. I have been to other chiropractors and it seems that they just try to pull my legs off and do not help my back. Dr. Marc determined that my problem was that L5 was prone to popping out of place. At times I was in excruciating pain. He has consistently been able to fix it and now I rarely have to go in to see him. I really should go in more often for a "tune-up". He also gave me very good advice to take my wallet out of my back pocket. Sitting on it was part of the problem with L5. I moved my wallet and it has made a big difference.

William B.

Super awesome experience!!! Dr. Marc is amazing! I had neck pain for months and he put me on a program that healed me in just 2 months!! The office is beautiful, the staff is very friendly and I was never left waiting around for someone to see me. I did not have insurance and they had a pre paid plan that really benefitted me. I highly recommend Dr. Marc and his office!

Iliya T.

My car accident took place 12/2006 less than a block from my home. I called my primary care Dr. & he referred me to Dr. Marc. Went to the office a couple days later. He took x-rays & was very thorough. The treatment, the staff & Dr. Marc himself were amazing. I also, went to him while I was pregnant too! He works wonders! He is the only one I visit when I need to make my body feel good. I will refer anyone to him. Love you Dr. Marc...one awesome doctor!!!

Christina C.

Was referred to Dr Rogers by a friend and have been going there for a few years reference neck and back pain. I have positive results under his care, specifically enjoy the short massage prior to each treatment. Their new office is great, better location and redone nicely with a friendly office staff that greets you by name. This is a full service office; Chiropractic, massage, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. Dr. Rogers seems to really enjoy his occupation of helping people and takes extra time to talk with patients about their concerns and ways to improve their condition. His passion and expertise are noticed and appreciated.

Mike S.

Over the years, I've gone to five Chiropractors before I chose Dr. Rogers. He is the best I've seen yet. I actually have no acute problems, I just like to keep my back in good shape to prevent them. After a few months, Dr. Rogers had me in top shape, and then I went on his once a week plan. I highly recommend this program. It's been about four months since I started it and I have never felt better. It's really ideal having a doctor that knows what he's doing and does it so expertly.

Dan Lewis

Best Chiropractor I have ever known! The experience is quick and could honestly be a stop on your way home from work. I call the girls up front and are able to get me an appointment within that hour! I am so grateful to have a doctor that is not only effective but not a hassle to visit! =)

Brittany M.

Dr. Rogers and his staff are all very professional, wonderful people to be around. I feel that the treatment I have received has really made a difference. Dr. Rogers is very knowledgeable and can help assess problems and lay out an appropriate course of action. I recommend that anyone with back pain at least give chiropractic treatment a try. The office is located in a very convenient location to anyone in Largo, Seminole or south Clearwater.

Nancy T

I would like to thank Dr. Rogers and his staff for the exceptional care that I received during my stay in Florida. During the trip from Maryland my back went out so I contacted his office for relief. While there I told him about my numbness radiating from my neck to my left elbow. I had seen a spine specialist and was told that I might need an operation to ease this situation. After a thorough exam, with e-rays, Dr. Rogers designed a plan to help. Not only did this help but after his adjustments I have no more numbness from the neck to the left elbow. The back feels great also. Thanks and appreciation goes out to his staff and him. Can you and your staff move to Garrett County Md?...In good health.

Mike K.

"I had severe vertigo (dizziness), to the point I was going to have a seizure. I had CAT scans, MRI's , Neurologists, Balance specialists, etc. My results with Dr. Rogers have been amazing. My vertigo is gone! Nobody was able to help me but Dr. Rogers.I am able to live a normal life again thank to Dr. Rogers."

Colleen D. (Registered Nurse)

"I saw Dr. Rogers for neck and back pain after a car accident. I have had great results with chiropractic care. I certainly will recommend others to come here to get results. After I get adjusted, my whole body feels so much better."

Jackie A

"I saw Dr. Rogers for severe headaches. For years my medical doctor just gave me different medications. My migraines were so bad that I could not work or function. I was sent to neurologists and pain management. I even tried Botox shots into my neck. Dr. Rogers was my last resort. I never though about a chiropractor until a friend suggested Dr. Rogers. He did an examination, took x-rays,and told me that my headaches were coming from my neck. That was 7 years ago and I have not had a headache since."

Keith D

"I had loss of feeling from the waist down. I was told by my doctors that I had myelitis. I had to use a cane to walk. I also was getting fed up with feeling like a zombie on medication. After just one adjustment I was able to walk without a cane. Soon, I was able to drive again. I have been telling everyone about Dr. Rogers. He is a very special doctor."

Jill R.
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