Although many people have heard of this health care profession, many still wonder what is Chiropractic therapy? At Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness Center of Largo, Clearwater, and Seminole, we want to make sure our patients understand not only what this profession is, but how effective it can be.

What is Chiropractic adjustment?

It is the correction of the spine and other areas of the body to improve your health and function.

  1. The Nervous System (Brain, Spine, and Nerves) is the master system of the body.
  2. Spinal Misalignments (Subluxations) cause a decrease in nerve system function.
  3. Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations.

This practice allows your body to heal itself and restore its health while also preserving it. Since the body relies on structure, Chiropractic solutions help re-establish correct formation. The reestablishment of structure in the body is especially necessary in special circumstances such as when the body experiences a traumatic event such as a car accident or falling.

When you meet with Dr. Rogers he will assess your spine and examine the connection. Once he determines the problem he will be able to gently adjust the vertebrae so they are in alignment with the rest of the spine, there by restoring the broken connection and the pathology of the nerves. By gently affecting the vertebrae you will notice an increase in range of motion and relief of pain.

At Coastal Rehab and Wellness of Largo, Clearwater and Seminole, Florida it is only performed upon completion of a physical examination determining if it is appropriate for your condition and your body’s needs.

What is Chiropractic therapy used to treat?

You know where to go when you have strep throat, you know where to go when your teeth begin to bother you, and you know where to go when you’ve broken a bone. But where do you go when you feel a sharp pain shoot from your hip down your leg or you feel aches and pains coming and going from certain parts of your body? These are signs that need to see a professional and experienced Chiropractor at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab and Wellness of Largo, Clearwater and Seminole, Florida.

If you are familiar with that sharp piercing pain in your back while you’re playing a sport, bending down to pick something up, sitting at your desk, or even lying down to go to bed, it is time to have it checked out by a specialist as soon as possible.

It is used to treat general neuro-musculoskeletal disorders: back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, etc.

Is Chiropractic adjustment and therapy effective?

By restoring the communication between the brain and the body, the body can heal itself. Pain is relieved and function is restored. By recognizing the body’s innate healing potential, Chiropractic addresses the CAUSE of the problem, not the symptoms. Adjustments are painless and every effort is made in our office to make you feel comfortable.

Dr. Marc Rogers’s passion for this healing practice is evident in his work and the care that he gives his patients. He offers supportive nutritional and lifestyle guidance and counseling for his patients. He also offers spinal and postural screenings and corrective exercises at his offices in Seminole, Clearwater and Largo, Florida.

For more information about Chiropractic adjustments, call our Largo office to speak with an expert today (727) 581-2774.