If you’re suffering from recent car accident injuries, chiropractic care is the most effective method for pain management. At Coastal Chiropractic of Largo, we offer patients an all-natural approach to healing after you’ve experienced bodily trauma. We relieve discomfort and improve mobility without the use of chemically altered pharmaceuticals.

What Happens During A Car Accident?

When a collision occurs, the people inside the vehicle experience a sudden jolt. This jarring movement can destabilize the spine and knock it out of alignment. Even if you don’t have immediate symptoms of bodily harm, you could still be suffering from musculoskeletal misalignment, which can cause your overall health to suffer.

In fact, many people don’t realize that even the most seemingly minor fender-benders can cause neck and back pains, soreness, stiffness, concussions, or whiplash, which is the most common of car accident injuries seen in Largo patients.

Do You Have Whiplash?

Because whiplash is one of the most common issues that chiropractors see in patients who have recently been in an automobile collision, the professionals at Coastal Chiropractic recommend that you visit your local practitioner immediately following an incident.

Many people simply don’t listen to their own bodies and neglect treatment for too long. You should make an appointment with Coastal Chiropractic or visit our walk-in clinic as soon as possible if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms commonly associated with whiplash:

In many Largo patients, major symptoms can lie dormant for days or weeks, and if left untreated, whiplash and other car accident injuries can cause the body long-term pain issues. This is why it is so important to get examined immediately following a trauma even If you aren’t necessarily feeling any signs of injury yet.

Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, many people choose to visit their local Largo emergency room immediately following an incident, if they seek treatment at all. This is a problem because many physicians choose to mask car accident injuries with pain-relieving drugs. However, pharmaceuticals alone cannot treat the underlying issues that occur in the body after such a jolt has altered their spinal columns. A long-term treatment option is important to avoid pill dependencies and further musculoskeletal damage.

Chiropractic care is the best option not only for minimizing pain, but also regaining a healthy range of motion, all without the use of harsh chemicals. When your musculoskeletal system is misaligned, your muscles take on unnecessary pressure, and your nerves can become pinched. If your car accident injuries have knocked your body out of alignment and are causing you pain and suffering, chiropractic adjustments that realign the joints and spine are effective for relieving the pressure, tension, and pain.

A trusted Largo chiropractic facility is your best options for treating your body’s pain and stiffness with the combination of physical therapies and manipulations of the spine and joints. With the help of an experienced practitioner, you can minimize your pain and restore your range of motion.

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For more than 11 years, Dr. Marc Rogers has been a licensed chiropractor, treating Largo patients suffering from all types of car accident injuries. He ensures that all patients of Coastal Chiropractic receive care using the latest technological and industry advancements.

Be sure to set aside time to prioritize your health and wellness, after you’ve been hurt in a collision. Visit our walk-in clinic or call today at (727) 581-2774 to schedule an appointment.