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Since 2000, we have been serving the surrounding community with quality chiropractic care and the latest in therapy techniques. In order to be really healthy you have to move well, eat well, and think well. Good health is not about being perfect, it is about doing the right things to improve and maintain your health. Your nervous system is made of three parts: the brain, the spinal cord, and the spinal nerves. It is this amazing system that carries millions of signals back and forth to the brain each and every second. Our busy lives put stress on that system. Things like car accidents, sports injuries, job stress, slips and falls, computer work, etc. put stress on the spine and nervous system. This causes your body to undergo stress and in order to adapt. The result is often that your posture changes, the spine becomes weak and degenerates. You may or not have pain. It has been shown that those who have good structural alignment and eat a healthy diet have less disease and pain than those that do not. Dr. Rogers will analyze your posture using computerized analysis combined with X-rays and electro diagnostic muscle function to objectively determine how to get quick results. The road to health is not far away. Let us help you find it. Dr. Rogers practices each fday giving, serving, and loving out of abundance. It is his goal that everyone be educated about Chiropractic and the importance of a properly functioning nervous system.

Dr. Marc J. Rogers | Coastal Chiropractic

Dr. Marc Rogers

Dr. Marc Rogers has been regularly interviewed by Fox 13 Tampa Bay and has been published in the Tampa Bay Times on several occasions regarding Chiropractic and other issues. He grew up in Pinellas County. While attending Florida State University, he was involved in a serious automobile accident. He sustained herniated discs in his neck and was told that he would need surgery. On the way home from the surgeon’s office he saw a sign for a Chiropractor. Having had great experiences with Chiropractic during his baseball career, he decided to give it a try. His results were amazing and within a few weeks, his pain was greatly reduced. He decided to change career paths and become a Doctor of Chiropractic. After receiving a Bachelors of Science from Florida State University in 1994, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1999 from Life University, School of Chiropractic. He also received certification in Physiological Therapy from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut and post graduate courses in the Diplomat for Chiropractic Orthopaedics from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. He is also past President of the Pinellas County Chiropractic Society. He is passionate about helping others and loves to share the chiropractic message. He lives in Indian Rocks Beach with his amazing wife Sharon and his two beautiful daughters Sidney and Brooke. In addition to loving his work, Dr. Rogers also loves boating, music, sports, playing guitar, the Tampa Bay Rays, FSU football, and traveling.

Barbara | Coastal Chiropractic


Barbara has been our Office Manager since we opened in May 2000. In 2013 Barbara was awarded the Florida Chiropractic Assistant of the Year by the Florida Chiropractic Association. Her tireless dedication and ability to do eight things never ceases to amaze us. She is married with two children and one granddaughter. Barbara grew up in New England and has spent her career dedicated to working in a Chiropractic practice. We would not know what to do if Barbara did not have the details covered each and every day at our busy front desk. In her free time (yes, we give her a little) she enjoys the beach, traveling, and especially spending time with her beautiful granddaughter.