What is acupuncture treatment?

Among the many health care disciplines available today, acupuncture is the most commonly used healing system in the world. At Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness of Largo, Clearwater, and Seminole, Florida we believe the body is an exceptionally powerful machine with an innate ability to naturally heal itself—but sometimes it needs a little assistance.

We work diligently with each patient to make sure their general health and well-being is always our number one priority. Not only do we treat any present ailments in the body, but also we work to prevent any illnesses or disorders from occurring in the future. We treat all of our patients like family and strive to make our Largo walk in office a familiar and comfortable atmosphere for clients.

What does acupuncture treat?

This type of alternative medicine, originated in China, is one of the world’s oldest healing practices—dating back thousands of years with over 10 million users for weight loss, anxiety, and various other bodily disorders. Some of the other problems acupuncture treatment can be used for include: depression, paralysis, fatigue, dizziness, allergies, arthritis, asthma, bladder/kidney problems, stroke, high blood pressure, drug addiction, smoking, epilepsy, PTSD, bronchitis, fertility problems, nausea, chronic/acute pain, insomnia, eye and ear disorders, respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, and more.

What does the acupuncture treatment process consist of?

The process consists of inserting thin, solid needles made of stainless wire in various parts of the body called “acupoints.” The needles use heat and electrical stimulation to rouse the nervous system and increase the flow of “qi” (life energy) by obstructing the body’s “meridians” (energetic pathways). When this happens, the body’s organs are able to better heal any imbalances in their functions and activities. People have subjective experiences to acupuncture treatments, however there is minimal to no pain; some people experience boosts of energy while others tend to feel more relaxed.

Does acupuncture work?

Some are skeptic about the effects of acupuncture and whether or not it works. But this natural health discipline has been used successfully to treat millions of people—and even animals! The number of treatments needed for someone to see improvements in their ailments varies from person to person and is subjective to their condition, but you don’t have to believe in it to see verifiable results.

There are many different types of techniques that involve different types of needles. The needles are all regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and very few complications have been reported. If you are interested in this type of therapy it is essential you see a practitioner who is trained and experienced.

At Coastal Chiropractic Rehab and Wellness of Largo, Seminole, and Clearwater, Florida our acupuncturist, David R. Simon, A.P. understands entirely the many benefits of acupuncture treatment because he has been practicing for years. He is very interested in the connection between mind and body and has practiced Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, trained various forms of Natural Healing (including Craniosacral therapy, massages, Pilates, bio-identical hormone replacement, and dietary and nutritional cleaning and rejuvenations).

About Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness of Largo, Clearwater, and Seminole

We also specialize in chiropractic treatments and therapies. Dr. Marc Rogers, our chiropractor, is passionate about helping his patients through his dedication and love for chiropractic treatment. In addition to chiropractic care we also offer other services including: lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, corrective exercises, spinal and postural screenings, and massage therapy in Clearwater and Seminole, Florida. For more information about acupuncture treatment, call our Largo office to speak with an expert today (727) 581-2774.