Getting the chiropractic adjustments your body needs at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness Center in Clearwater can help your body to start its natural ability to heal itself when something goes wrong. Getting an adjustment is not just for the instances when you are suffering from major physical trauma after a sports injury or a car accident. Believe it or not, you and everyone in your family can benefit from regular care even when you seem to feel alright.

How Chiropractic Adjustments Help Under Normal Circumstances

Chiropractic adjustments realign your body, which allows the natural healing process to begin. When a physical injuries such as broken bones, pain, or dislocations leave obvious, it is important to have things put back into place professionally so that you can heal correctly.

What people sometimes forget is that everyday life can cause chiropractic misalignments as well. They are much more subtle, however, making them easier to ignore, but can ultimately cause unexpected health problems that seemingly arise out of nowhere in Clearwater.

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Some causes of minor misalignments in everyday life include:

  • Emotional tension— surprisingly, emotional stress has the tendency to build up in the spinal area, which can cause aches and muscle cramps. Sometimes, we do forget to connect physical pain with emotional stress, but our system is connected to work in unison. If you find yourself clenching your jaw and feel the emotional tension building up in your body, adjustments can help deal with the physical aspects of that.
  • Poor posture— forward head posture causes extra weight and pressure on the neck which can lead to a plethora of neck and back issues.
  • Poor diet— what does a poor diet have to do with your spine? Lack of nutrients and not drinking enough pure water during the hot seasons in Clearwater can affect many things that do not seem to be directly related. One major health issue is that of inflammation in your body. Adjustments can help your body reduce production of inflammatory cytokines to ease inflammatory response.
  • Sedentary life— the quality of your chair makes a difference, but sitting hunched over your computer directly affects the health of your spine.
  • Past injuries— past injuries that were not addressed immediately can heal incorrectly and cause your muscles to develop bad habits. Chiropractic care may help you retrain your body to behave correctly.
  • Sports injuries—stretching and physical warm-ups in Clearwater are important before beginning any type of physical exercise or sport. When people skip the preparatory step, they expose their body to all sorts of rips, tears, and misalignments. Many types of injuries related to sports occur on a regular basis, from accidents to performing a particular movement incorrectly, or wearing poorly fitting shoes
  • Vertebral subluxation— this is when compression and irritation of spinal joints and nerves occur. Adjustments can help to reduce the problems associated with the nervous system, and when you think about it, that can be anything that is interconnected with the brain, spinal, and peripheral nervous system.

Your body will heal or attempt to do so even if it is not aligned correctly, but incorrect healing can cause future problems, pain, and optimal range of motion.

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If you feel the weight of everyday stress in your body, chiropractic care in Clearwater may be able to help you regain your optimal health.

Having periodic or regular adjustments can change the way you feel from the inside out. We start with screenings and examinations to get a good understanding of your musculoskeletal system and where there is damage. Once we understand your current physical state, we will customize a treatment plan around your current physical condition.

If you have apparent misalignments from an auto accident in Clearwater, sports injury, or anything else, with chiropractic care, call us at 727.581.2774 to discuss your issues and the treatments available to get the healing process started. We accept all primary insurance and offer family payment plans for individuals who need them.

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