For Largo residents who seek immediate pain relief, consider the benefits of chiropractic care. This medical service is covered by most insurance companies and can help you reduce your discomfort and regain range of motion. We are also dedicated to helping you eliminate reliance on medications, which mask symptoms and impede healing. By targeting the cause of your stiff neck or a sore knee, you can recover and return to your daily routine and favorite activities.

Our staff in Largo will also assist you with understanding how choices affect overall health, and you will have the opportunity to acquire insight into lifestyle changes. Whether your hips are tight, you want to shed some weight, or you want to reclaim your golf swing, our chiropractor can assess the spinal cord and design a chiropractic care plan that is individual to you.

Indications of Spinal Misalignments

Is it challenging to raise your arms above shoulder height? Perhaps, you take over-the-counter or prescription medications every day to ease the tension in your body. Or maybe, You have wellness goals but cannot seem to achieve them no matter how concerted your efforts in Largo. Chiropractic care professionals can identify what is going on and limit painful conditions, like:

Neck stiffness or back problems

  • Migraines and tension headaches
  • Pinched nerves or bulging discs
  • Auto accident and sports injuries
  • Foggy brain and low energy

These examples just begin to brush the surface of symptoms that indicate misalignments of the spine. Too many Largo residents seek relief in doctors’ offices only to leave with a prescription but no recovery plan. When your range of motion is hampered, you limit your activities in Pinellas County. At first, you might argue that life has not changed since the fender bender on Ulmerton Road, but our chiropractor urges you to consider some things.

Do you think through an action before completing it to minimize strain? Has participation in certain events or extracurricular activities become too painful for you to continue? Are medications needed to get through the day in Largo? By taking these pills or, worse, self-medicating, healing and recovery will remain at a distance. These methods of numbing the discomfort might seem like the only option, but manual adjustments and therapeutic techniques make it possible to overcome chronic conditions. When you come to us, you will receive attention and relief at our chiropractic care facility, and you will find renewed hope!

Auto Injury Chiropractor | Seminole | Coastal Chiropractic | Dr. Marc Rogers

Have You Been In An Auto Accident?

Among the many dangers associated with auto accidents is a failure to seek treatment after the incident. Often, individuals are so tied up with completing paperwork, contacting lawyers, and filing claims that they neglect their own personal vehicle— the body. Your spine is a terrific support system, but excessive strain from high impacts will cause physical stress. We understand that most would like to put matters behind them, but unless you receive chiropractic care, these pinches and aches will persist. Your car might look brand new with a coat of paint or, perhaps, you upgraded to a new SUV using the insurance return. However, no matter how well you have covered up the damages to your vehicle, the internal injuries are still present.

If you have been in a motor collision in Largo, delegate the documentation to a family member and locate a chiropractor that has a walk-in clinic. With us, you do not even have to call for an appointment. Just stop by to consult with Dr. Marc Rogers after the crash. That way, you can experience immediate relief from pinched nerves or whiplash and still qualify for insurance coverage. Once the debilitating pain has lifted, our doctor will create a chiropractic care plan that is individual to you. It may involve a combination of physical therapy, corrective exercises, massage, and more. At our facility, you can conduct all of these treatments in one place.

Lifestyle Advice & Chiropractic Care Enhance Well-being

Many folks would like to engage in a healthier lifestyle, but they lack the information or accountability to complete the task. With so many resources online, too many people are adhering to diets and fitness plans designed for other people. When it comes to wellness in Largo, there is no singular path to succeeding. It takes time and experimentation to discover what suits you and your body in Largo. By piggybacking onto fad diets or trendy fitness rituals, you may actually do harm to your body over time.

Instead of making selections without direction, consult with a chiropractic care professional who offers lifestyle advice. You might be a restless sleeper who longs for a night of peace. It is possible that certain foods aggravate your gut, but you cannot identify a pattern. Or perhaps, you are a former competitive athlete who wants to revisit their favorite sport. Not only can a chiropractic care professional help you with creating a plan for achieving your goals, but they can also support you in your aims with services like:

These techniques, paired with manual adjustments, will support the spinal cord and make movement discomfort-free. With chiropractic care, you can become your best self in Largo! Coastal Chiropractic performs a one on one consultation with each patient to create a custom therapy plan specific to your needs. For a closer look at our available services, or to speak to our certified chiropractor, we invite you to call us today at 1-727-581-2774 or contact us online.