Instead of refilling your prescription for pain medication in Clearwater, consider the benefits of coming to a chiropractic clinic. Not only can a spinal doctor identify misalignments, but ours can correct them so that you experience relief instead of physical stress. It is easy to overlook small strains and minor soreness, but if too much time goes by, they can become permanent problems. Furthermore, if you overdo even the most basic of actions, you risk injury. However sturdy humans are, the body can be fragile.

Bit by bit, your head starts to reach beyond your shoulders, and your posture worsens. What used to be a tight elbow has become a chronically sore spot, and you have given up your golf game. Too many individuals limit their lifestyle, and they do not have to in Clearwater. Come to our chiropractic clinic to discover freedom from discomfort and renewed energy!

You Could Benefit From a Chiropractic Clinic If…

Not everybody in Pinellas County is familiar with what chiropractors do and even if they are, they may not know all they stand to gain. First of all, you need to identify whether or not you are a candidate for spinal care. It is likely that you probably are, but you might not know how misalignments manifest in the physical sense. Some people suffer from chronic muscle or joint discomfort. Others experience migraines on a regular basis. Our chiropractic clinic assists those with a history of injuries, as well as those who have endured recent upsets in auto accidents or while playing sports. Due to how common misalignments are, it is likely that you could are a candidate for treatment.

6 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help

Dr. Marc Rogers is a skillful chiropractor, and he dedicates himself to clients who wish to experience an improved quality of life. He listens to patients and asks about present concerns in Clearwater, as well as medical history. He then uses this information to direct the appointment and create a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. From there, you can:

1. Find Natural Pain Relief

At our chiropractic clinic, you get the relief you need. Whether you undergo physical therapy or receive manual adjustments, discomfort will not govern your day-to-day life. Not only do we relieve chronic symptoms, but we also help prevent them from recurring. Our methods are natural, and they address the source of the problem rather than the symptom. However bothersome those indications may be in Clearwater, they usually signal a deeper issue. We can help you overcome strain and stress without over the counter medication and prescription pills.

2. Address and Correct Injuries

Instead of accepting injuries as a cross to bear, you can overcome them with an individualized rehabilitation program. We use physical therapy to assist clients as they regain mobility and strength. Oftentimes, individuals in Clearwater are thrilled and shocked to discover that they can complete movements that have been painful or impossible for them in the past.

3. Improve Your Posture

Start improving your posture today by coming to our chiropractic clinic! Not only can we complete computerized postural examinations, but we can also help you address misalignments with treatment and rehabilitation. We apply manual adjustments in-house, and we instruct clients on how to complete corrective exercises at home. These movements should be part of your daily routine, and they help you gain strength and increase your range of motion.

4. Use Our Walk In Chiropractic Clinic

If you live in Clearwater, do you have somewhere you can go to relieve discomfort immediately? Our walk in chiropractic clinic makes it easy to get spinal care on the same day you arrive even if you do not have an appointment. In fact, that is why we offer walk in services— because we understand that life in Clearwater does not always go as planned. Whether you are an established patient or not, you can come to our facility to receive care!

5. Manage Your Weight

Some individuals are surprised to discover that a chiropractor can assist with weight loss goals or management practices. Dr. Marc Rogers meets with clients to discuss lifestyle habits, and he examines dietary choices. This information fuels the direction and progress of your weight management journey. Not only do you receive nutritional counseling and accountability at our chiropractic clinic, but you also get expert input and an individual plan to help you reach your goals.

Choose Coastal Chiropractic Clinic

For assistance in reclaiming your wellness, choose to work with our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers. You receive personal attention at our facility, and you receive an individualized treatment plan. We offer services like:

  • Foot scans
  • Physical therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Postural examinations
  • Herniated disc therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Spinal thermography
  • And more!

Choose Coastal Chiropractic clinic, and we will help you reach your wellness aims, whether you want to relieve back pain, overcome a sports injury or shed some stubborn pounds in Clearwater. Call 727-581-2774 to learn more about our offerings.