When it comes to your well-being and health, making sure that you’re living a pain-free life should be a priority. Many individuals, young and old, can experience lower back pain or injury from physical activities or accidents. Traditional medicine typically focuses on relieving pain with prescription medication rather than correcting the issues within the body. While pain relief through medication is effective as a short-term solution, it is not always the best option. Some individuals do not need surgery or medication, but rather a different approach to healing their body. While it’s true that the body is self-healing, there are methods that help the process. For example, Seminole residents with chronic pain and lower back issues may find that visiting a Chiropractic Clinic improves their flexibility and pain. In addition, if you are suffering from an injury, a chiropractor can assist you and improve your healing process.

Which Chiropractic Clinic Should I Go To?

Finding the right clinic can be difficult if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Chiropractors typically employ one of two methods. Traditional chiropractors use their knowledge of the body and patient response to try to correct issues. This is typically what most people imagine when they think of a chiropractor. However, non-traditional methods are more precise and use technology to locate issues and problem areas. One of the major sources of pain throughout the body lies in the spine. Since the spine houses the body’s nerves from the brain throughout the body, issues along the spine can cause a number of differing issues. By visiting a chiropractic clinic, Seminole residents can benefit from correcting their spinal issues.

Non-traditional Chiropractic Methods

When deciding on the right chiropractic clinic to visit for you pain or injury issues, non-traditional methods are more effective with less pain. Many people think of harsh jerking motions when dealing with a chiropractor. However, Seminole residents can visit a non-traditional chiropractic clinic to avoid the uncertainty of traditional methods. By using new technologies to get an image of your body and spine, Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab and Wellness can find the issues along your spine that are affecting your everyday life. For example, computerized postural examinations mean that Dr. Marc Rogers can more accurately locate spinal misalignments. Rather than having a professional rely on feedback from patients and feel, he or she can instead accurately view your spine. In addition, Dr. Marc Rogers and the professionals at Coastal Chiropractic can provide Seminole residents with nutritional counseling and more. Benefits of non-traditional methods include:

  • Pain-free solutions
  • Soft adjustments
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Computerized spinal thermography

In addition to the listed benefits above, Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling and exercise rehabilitation to strengthen areas. With injuries, they can sometimes heal incorrectly. This can lead to more serious injuries and severe pain. Neurostructural shifts are misalignments along the spine that affect functions throughout the body. Without any treatment, neurostructural shifts can lead to a variety of symptoms and constant pain. Going to the right chiropractic clinic can help correct shifts along the spine.

Neurostructural Shifts

Changes in the normal alignment of the spine can lead to issues elsewhere in the body. For example, shifts along the T9 vertebra can affect your adrenal gland. While shifts are commonly associated with symptoms of pain, they can cause issues like fatigue. In addition, the T6 vertebra relates to nerves and functions in your stomach. Neurostructural shifts that affect the T6 vertebra can lead to heartburn and indigestion. The issue with nonstructural shifts is that they can be difficult to find. Modern medicine often seeks to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. It is not always apparent that the source of your pain or discomfort lies in your spinal cord.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic in Seminole

When it comes to auto injuries, spinal damage is something that can easily occur. Seminole residents can benefit from a visit to a chiropractic clinic for a wide variety of issues. People in the Seminole area can contact Coastal Chiropractic today at 727-581-2774 or fill out our online form to improve your health today!