Chiropractic Physical Therapy has many applications, and if you live in Largo, you could benefit from this therapeutic service. Too many people in Pinellas County limit their daily activities because they have restricted range of motion. For some, this shows up in small ways — you use your side mirrors instead of turning to look in your blind spot; you ask your partner to handle the vacuuming; you curb your workouts. Others experience painful symptoms that restrict them from simple activities, and they risk adopting a sedentary lifestyle in Largo. Do not live small! Get the help you need from a spinal doctor.

Indications That You Need Spinal Assistance

Strain and discomfort are all too common, and you might hold back in your day-to-day routine. You might benefit from chiropractic Physical Therapy if:

You Went Through Trauma

Broken bones and ligament tears lead to severe discomfort, and they call for immediate attention. In these cases, a walk-in clinic is a useful asset because you do not need an appointment beforehand in order to be seen. Once the chiropractor has helped you mend the muscle or bone, you should undergo rehabilitation to restore strength and mobility. This path to healing is gentle and targeted to help you regain your former abilities.

You Experience Persistent Pain

When ice, Ibuprofen, and rest are not enough to stave off your body’s distress, you need to consult with a professional practitioner. Corrective exercises not only assist with mending complications, but they also serve as preventative measures in the future. Long after you have healed in Largo, you can maintain mobility and strength.

Your Discomfort Returns

What didn’t bother you last week might show up while reaching to a high shelf in the grocery store or during a restorative workout. When this happens, check in with your chiropractor to relieve any strain and prevent recurrence.

You Wish To Prevent Injuries

Chiropractic Physical Therapy is an excellent way to keep unwanted injuries from happening. Whether you are an athlete who wants to ramp up their game or an individual who is focused on forming a sustainable workout routine, we can help!

The Difference of Choosing Chiropractic

Chiropractic Physical Therapy differs from standard programs in the fact that you are teaming up with a spinal doctor. This distinction gives you more well-rounded treatment. While a PT may teach you the exact same corrective exercises as we do, they will not be able to detect misalignments like our chiropractor in Largo can. With expert information about your spine, healing will be more efficient and long-term.

The Importance of the Big Picture

When stress is chronic, you start limiting your activity, which affects both physical and mental health in Largo. Your life quality could be at stake if you do not take action. With knowledge about the spine, as well as tools and technology to inspect you individually, Dr. Marc Rogers looks at every aspect of your health and wellness. That is what chiropractic Physical Therapy is all about!

This approach allows you to assess your current habits and make healthy changes if need be. It can also shed light on other areas for improvement. Is it hard to fall asleep at night? Do you feel antisocial because you are tired all the time? Is your weight aggravating your knee problems? These unwanted symptoms and more contribute to your quality of life, and our practitioner dedicates himself to helping you improve yours!

7 Ways We Can Help Beyond Chiropractic Physical Therapy

You may come to our walk-in clinic in Largo to initiate chiropractic Physical Therapy, but there are many services at our site to consider:

  1. Postural examination
  2. Rehabilitation programs
  3. Herniated disc correction
  4. Nutritional counseling
  5. Injury assistance
  6. Lifestyle advice
  7. Massage

After completing rehabilitation, some clients pursue weight loss goals or athletic aims. A few choose to work on altering their lifestyle choices to promote healthy habits. These changes are not easy, but working with our chiropractor can help you make them possible!

Choose Our Chiropractic Physical Therapy Program

Dr. Marc Rogers focuses on client satisfaction, from pain relief and wellness goals to corrective exercises and chiropractic Physical Therapy. Our many services make us Largo’s one-stop-shop for your alignment needs. We look at the big picture instead of specific symptoms, so your treatment is targeted to last. Call 727-581-2774 to learn more!