Chiropractors are invaluable when it comes to obtaining pain relief and regaining mobility in Largo. One accidental slip by the pool or a side impact collision in your Pinellas neighborhood can send your spine into distress. Unless you correct them, misalignments will not go away. The discomfort might seem to fade, but that is only your body’s effort to cope with the complications. A medical practitioner with spinal expertise can help, so call us!

Am I Candidate For Chiropractic Care?

Back pain and health problems are just a few reasons why residents in Largo should consider chiropractic care. However, people are quick to adapt to discomfort, and even though it disrupts the daily routine, they might just endure it in hopes that it will fade with time. The problem with this is that the condition will not go away, but your tolerance will increase. This might sound like a positive thing, but it is not. As you manage the aches by taking over the counter or prescription medications and limiting your movements, your quality of life starts to lose its luster.

Instead of letting soreness or stiffness rule over you in Largo, ask yourself these questions to see if you could benefit from working with a chiropractor:

  • Is your back or neck pain chronic?
  • Do you feel tired or listless even after plenty of sleep?
  • Are migraines or tension headaches a common occurrence?
  • Do you hold back because of physical limitations?
  • Would you like to reclaim your health?

Misalignments of the spine lead to all kinds of problematic symptoms in Largo. Whether your symptoms are persistent or occasional, your answers to the questions above will shed light on whether you need medical intervention. Long-standing physical stress will wear on your body and immune system, so illness will be harder to fight off when it occurs. Foggy thinking or weariness, despite getting enough sleep, will interfere with your workday and personal life. The same goes for tension headaches and migraines, which are debilitating and unwelcome. Stop limiting your life choices in Largo; instead, work with a chiropractor to reclaim your well-being!

How Do I Choose the Right Chiropractor For Me?

You may be willing and ready to receive chiropractic care, but some folks hesitate because they do not know who to go to. Without word of mouth referrals from your MD, friends or family can make this process intimidating, especially if you are new to this medical practice. We encourage you to pursue assistance by considering what you need from the chiropractor. They should be able to provide immediate pain relief, as well as a treatment plan for your unique circumstances. Most in Largo prefer a nearby facility, and Coastal Chiropractic fits the bill. After all, who wants to spend time driving around side roads while trying to discern Siri’s commands? When your back is aching, you do not have time to search extensively. Located south of West Bay Drive and beside Bayhead Action Park, Largo residents can get to us easily!

Clients look for convenience, as well as clear communication. Nobody wants to work with a practitioner who does not listen well or explain things clearly. When your health is in dire straits, you need thorough explanations and the promise of recovery. If a chiropractor does not give you an idea of how long treatment should take, seek assistance elsewhere. While we cannot detail an exact number of appointments, we can provide a framework that projects your progress in Largo. Some clients adhere to their physical therapy instructions and get better sooner than expected. Sometimes, additional issues come up that need to be addressed. In these circumstances, it might take a few more appointments to achieve alignment. Look for walk-in clinic services too because you never know when unexpected injuries might occur.

Benefits of a Walk-In Clinic

Not only is a walk-in clinic helpful for emergencies, but it also offers the assurance of immediate pain relief. While it is always ideal to address an issue as soon as you can in Largo, some conditions are less pressing. The trouble is, too many people wait when they do have a significant ache or strain. They think the pain will pass, but ignoring the problem will only add to your list of symptoms. Let our chiropractor curb the discomfort. At our clinic, you get:

Medical attention: If you are not suffering from a significant injury, immediacy may not be a high priority. However, whiplash and knee sprains need immediate medical attention, so locate a chiropractor that provides walk-in services. With this approach, you can come to Coastal Chiropractic whether or not you have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Marc Rogers. Largo residents can count on being seen the day they come in, though you may have to wait before seeing our doctor. Just like you cannot control accruing an injury, we cannot rule over how many patients come in to seek help. We accept most insurance, and our walk-in clinic makes it possible for you to get the attention you need. That way, you do not have to venture far from Belle Oak Villas or Paradise Island.

Most insurance providers require that their patrons receive medical care and make claims within ten days of the initial incident. If you cannot get an appointment because the local spinal expert is booked, you may not be eligible for financial assistance. Now you have an expensive bill on top of a sore neck. By coming to our walk-in, you initiate healthy choices.

Immediate relief: When you first arrive on the scene, you will get relief. Whether you are suffering from tension headaches or you cannot rotate your head from side to side, we will alleviate any pressure or pain you have. From there, our chiropractor can explain possible treatments to help you achieve recovery.

Spinal assessment: You might opt to come in because your hips are tight or your migraines are debilitating. Most people in Largo assume that they need to treat the symptom. After all, if your hip muscles are sore, you would like to alleviate any tension. However, most symptoms are a direct result of misalignments in the spine. You might arrive and think that the only problem you have is with your back or knee, but it likely originates in the spinal column.

Our chiropractor will ask you to explain why you came to the walk-in clinic, discuss your symptoms, and assess your spine. We have numerous tools, like computerized postural examinations and foot scans, which aid our quest to identify what is wrong.

Professional input: You do not need anyone to explain that you are in substantial pain, but you do need an expert to help you overcome the issues that are causing discomfort. By seeking input from a chiropractic professional, you can discover relief as well as a strategy for recovery!

Recovery plan: You might come to our chiropractor in Largo because you want someone to alleviate the initial tightness or soreness you have in your body, but what if we told you that you would also leave our walk-in clinic with an individualized treatment plan? Without expertise about the spinal cord, a practitioner is likely to prescribe medications to relieve your soreness. While these are useful for taming the symptoms, they do nothing to heal them. At Coastal Chiropractic, we provide comfort and solutions to your problem.

Again, we know that emergencies and injuries can happen in Largo. Just remember that you do not need to make an appointment to receive care for your spine. Just come by our walk-in clinic to see our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers.

Common Techniques and Tools

Not everyone in Pinellas County is familiar with the technical aspects of chiropractic treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing assistance to individuals who are injured, uncomfortable or in agony. We are also committed to instructing our patients in Largo. We do not just send you home to Whispering Pines with a prescription. Instead, our chiropractor will describe what is happening in your body, as well as what we plan to do to relieve you from physical complications. Each appointment will differ from the last, and our approaches to treatment vary from patient to patient. Your recovery plan might include:

Manual Adjustments

Most, if not all, of our clients receive manual adjustments at some point during treatment. These time-tested applications release tension and compression along the spine and, as a result, reduce your discomfort. Some folks in Largo might think it is enough to crack your spine as you twist in your work chair or that you can ask your spouse to walk on your back while you lie on the floor, but you are wrong. Not only will these actions do little to diminish the tension, but they also might make your condition worse. Unless you are a spinal expert, you should leave any adjustments to professional chiropractors. Dr. Marc Rogers is trained to assess and correct misalignments, so come to our facility today!

Postural Examinations

Some Largo residents want as much information about their spine as possible, so we conduct postural examinations, foot scans, and computerized spinal thermography. The adjustments we select are not guesswork, and the results from your exams will evidence your problem areas.


Though it is reputed at spas and beauty parlors, massage is first a medical practice used by many chiropractors to release muscle tension and relieve sore joints. If you have had tension headaches or restless nights, this promotes relaxation and relief. By seeking this service at a chiropractic facility, you can ensure that you receive care that matches your condition.

By applying medical expertise, our massage therapist can alleviate knots and help you reclaim motion and comfort in your movements. Again, some people in Largo mistake this as a strictly luxurious experience, but our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, can help you understand the health benefits you stand to gain. Call our office to learn more!

Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercises

Rehabilitation is often necessary to treat injuries accrued in auto accidents or sports. No matter how small or great the collision is, it is probable that your spine will be affected. While it may seem minor, a tap to the bumper can be traumatic for the spinal cord. Do not risk agonizing symptoms by failing to get medical treatment after you have been in an auto accident. The same goes for athletes in Largo. We treat both competitive and recreational athletes because injuries can occur at any level. Corrective exercises and physical therapy are essential for regaining range of motion and flexibility. If you want to return to your daily functions, choose a chiropractor who offers rehabilitative programs.

It is no wonder so many individuals in Pinellas County come to Coastal Chiropractic— we offer immediate pain relief, individualized treatment plans, and rehabilitation options.

Beyond the Spine

Most Largo residents associate chiropractors with matters of the spine, but Dr. Marc Rogers aims to help his clients achieve wellness on the whole. This means spinal health, as well as:

  • Athletic performance
  • Weight Management
  • Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program
  • Lifestyle Advice

Whether you want to develop your golf swing or tone your upper arms, we can help you achieve your goals. We assist runners, football players, cyclists, and more at Coastal Chiropractic, and we delight in helping these folks bring their times down or enhance their passing accuracy. We also specialize in assisting individuals with weight management. We understand that each patron needs a different approach, and our chiropractor offers programs like Ideal Protein Weight Loss. By pairing your weight loss aspirations with spinal wellness, you will feel better on the whole. Chances are, correcting a misalignment in your lower back might make exercise less painful and, therefore, more accessible.

Beyond athletic enhancements and managing weight, our chiropractor can also offer lifestyle advice to contribute to your wellness goals. Sleepless nights? The doctor might ask you when you have your last cup of coffee during the day or if you are using a computer screen shortly before bedtime. Do you suffer from lethargy or low energy in Largo? We might discuss the importance of hydration and nutritious meals. Whatever concerns you are facing, we can help you find a way to address and overcome them.

Meet Our Chiropractor!

At Coastal Chiropractic, we are pleased to provide Pinellas County residents with expert spinal care. Our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, holds tightly to the belief that a practitioner needs to see the patient as a whole. This informed and balanced approach will help you achieve optimal wellness in Largo. Whether you want to recover from an auto accident, regain your tennis swing, or address the discomfort in your back, our chiropractor is ready to assist you!