Chiropractor in Seminole — Many people are skeptical about the effects of chiropractic therapy and although there have been numerous studies validating the positive effects of the practice, most people do not actually believe it until they come in and give a try for themselves.

Most people want a fast, simple answer when they ask “does chiropractic treatment work?” But it might be better to get a little more specific. Help with whatexactly?  Visiting a Seminole Chiropractor can be extremely beneficial if you have:

  • Head, neck and/or back pains
  • Frequent migraines
  • Auto accident injuries- The important thing to remember about these types of injuries is that they often do not start hurting until days, sometimes week after the accident. If you are experiencing any discomfort you weren’t before it happened, even if it was just a minor collision, it is imperative you seek treatment ASAP!
  • Sports injuries

When people experience even minor aches and pains many assume the problem will resolve with time; but the worst thing you can do is wait and hope your pain gets better with time. The neuromusculoskeletal system is extremely sensitive and crucial to your overall health; injuries/disorders to it can cause serious bodily damage if left untreated. It may help if people more people knew how quickly and holistically these problem areas can be heal with proper treatment.

The discomfort you experience is not something you have to live with.

If you are looking for a reliable Chiropractor servicing the Seminole area, give the Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness Center a visit. Do not settle for the temporary fix. Anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen are not the answer. People often, and unfortunately, believe that the quickest fix is the best solution. But this is simply not the case—especially not when it comes to your general well-being! Just because these pills can be bought over the counter does not mean they don’t have long term health effects.

Over the counter medication is masking the problem, not resolving it.

Conveniently located on Seminole Blvd, our Chiropractic office uses a whole body approach; we consider your general well-being by incorporating

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Postural screening
  • Ideal protein weight loss programs
  • Herniated disc therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • Improved nerve function
  • Better brain/body communication
  • Increased energy, mood and balance levels
  • Relief of day to day pain and discomfort
  • Healthier immune system

By allowing an experienced Seminole Chiropractor to work with you, you will benefit from:

The difference between us and your general physician is that we do not just treat symptoms as they occur; we work to alleviate the source of the problem altogether. If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Seminole, why should you choose Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness Center?

  • Our beautiful new office has a Walk in Clinic—so you don’t have to worry about waiting days for your auto accident injury to receive the attention it needs.
  • We offer a variety of insurance and payment options. In addition to accepting major health insurances such as BlueCross/BlueShield, United Healthcare, Cigna, and Medicare, we also offer family plans and flexible payment programs.
  • We have affiliations with the Florida Chiropractic Association, Inc., PCCS (Pinellas County Chiropractic Society), and Foot Levels.
  • We are a local business deeply rooted in the community; we care for all different kinds of patients every day.

Give us a call to set up an appointment at 727-581-2774 or stop by our office.