In old movies and other media, alternative forms of physical therapy are sometimes seen as involving pulling and popping. Typically, this occurs along the spine and seems painful. However, a proper chiropractor is nothing like this. Visiting a professional who specializes in areas of the spine can be a benefit for the whole family. Even young people can suffer from spinal misalignments and the host of issues that can accompany misalignments. Athletes and those suffering from injuries sometimes find alternative physical treatment to be more effective than traditional medicine. Sometimes problems along the spine can lead many symptoms that medication that targets pain does not help. In fact, not properly treating injuries, particularly in the lower back and spine, can lead to a worsening condition. Instead, visiting a Seminole family chiropractic clinic can help keep your whole family with a healthy alignment.


Many people can suffer from back issues during their day. Whether it is from lifting heavy items or sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours, this can be damaging. An excellent way to envision the spine is like a highway. All the information on how to control your organs and muscles come from your brain and travel down your spine. From there, the signals move to the various parts of the body they need to be. So, depending on the shape level of misalignment, there could be different symptoms. When it comes to modern treatments, painkillers and other oral or invasive actions may be chosen to dull the pain. Dulling the pain is often the only option in hopes that the issue corrects itself as your body heals. However, spinal injuries and misalignment do not always correct themselves. Misalignments can lead to issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Low blood pressure
  • Pulmonary issues (trouble breathing)
  • Depression
  • Lack of vigor
  • Headaches

Because the spine is responsible for so much throughout the body, it can be hard to pinpoint problems. A family chiropractic clinic can handle individuals of all ages and spinal misalignments. Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic has the experience and technology to help people throughout Seminole correct issues along the spine. Instead of relying on methods that may not treat the problem, a family chiropractic clinic can be the best option.


Since signals to critical parts of your body have to go through the spine, misalignments can lead to a variety of symptoms. Different vertebrae are responsible for transmitting signals to specific regions of the body. For example, an injury in your upper vertebrae, also known as the cervical spine, can affect blood delivery. Specifically, misalignment along the cervical spine can lower blood supply to the head and lead to migraines and headaches. At a family chiropractic clinic, there are many methods to both screen and correct your symptoms. With technologies that provide images from spinal thermography and more, Dr. Marc Rogers can determine where the problem lies. Seminole families can benefit from everything from improved nerve function to reduced stress through alternative physical therapy.

Benefits of Visiting a Family Chiropractic Clinic

Throughout Seminole residents of all ages can benefit from visiting a family chiropractic clinic. In addition to a potential reduction of stress and pain, treatments from a chiropractor can benefit all ages. Studies have found that even infants show beneficial improvement from proper care. In fact, some individuals may find that injuries from when they were young are the cause of their pain. As a child and young adult, the body is better at healing itself, but it is not immune to spinal injury. Seminole households and people of all ages can benefit from visiting a family chiropractic clinic. Benefits can include:

  • Improvement of blood pressure
  • Less tense and stress muscles
  • Treatment of spasms and lower back pain
  • Improved oxygen circulation
  • Fewer stomach troubles and digestive issues

Seminole households can together benefit from visiting a family chiropractic clinic. Improving your quality of life with the help a chiropractor with experience like Dr. Marc Rogers, is not a complex process either. Contact or call (727) 581-2774 Coastal Chiropractic today to being improving your spinal health.