Many people associate chiropractic care with car accidents and sports related injuries, or they assume it is for older people experiencing aches and pains associated with age. And while it does help with all of the above, chiropractic treatment can also be used for your entire family for a wide range of reasons.

This alternative approach to surgery and medication is therapeutic and beneficial to people of all ages. There is something for everyone in the family to get from visiting a family chiropractor. Dr. Marc Rogers of Seminole, Largo and Clearwater offers postural screening examinations, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, massage therapy, as well as specialty services for injury and disc rehabilitation, auto accident injury treatment, and corrective exercises.

The Best Family Chiropractor in Largo, Seminole and Clearwater

Dr. Rogers graduated from FSU, University of Bridgeport and served as the President of the Pinellas County Chiropractic Society. He offers gentle adjustments, broad diagnostic approaches, and advanced techniques. Serving the Largo, Clearwater and Seminole area since 2000, Dr. Rogers is deeply investigated in the community and the health of its residents. Come visit our new office, conveniently located on Seminole Blvd. to discuss how we can help improve your overall well-being!

Many of us spend our days at a desk, hovering over a computer. That’s not what our bodies are designed for, so it’s important you take the necessary precautions to ensure your spine and body are getting the proper treatment and alignment for optimal functioning.

Chiropractic treatment is completely safe. We understand the spine is a very sensitive area, which is why people are sometimes hesitant about having it manipulated, especially if there is no pressing issue at hand. Many people do not truly appreciate the benefits of chiropractic care until they come in for a postural screening. During the examination Family Chiropractor Dr. Rogers will show you X-rays and where the trouble areas are, and where your spine is out of alignment. When your neuro and muscoskeletal systems are not properly aligned it can cause aches and pains, but also more subtle symptoms like headaches, migraines, and even trouble sleeping. You may be experiencing symptoms of misalignment without even realizing it!

About Coastal Chiropractic

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective family chiropractor in the Clearwater, Largo or Seminole area, come visit us at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness today. You will soon be on a quick road to a healthier lifestyle! While it’s always best to make an appointment to ensure you won’t have any wait, we also have a Walk In Clinic for emergency situations and for those seeking more immediate attention. We accept all major insurances, worker’s compensation and even offer family plans. Don’t let a tight budget keep you from living a healthier lifestyle.

Take a look at some of our patient videos to see real life examples of how this healthcare can improve your life. You can also take a virtual tour of our beautiful clinic and see some of the wonderful staff members that will be taking care of you. You can request an appointment online and conveniently fill out the necessary new patient paperwork so we can get you in and out even faster!

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