Having back pain and consistent issues with your muscles or spine? Then you may find that seeking alternative physical therapy beneficial to your situation. Rather than relying on traditional methods, alternative paths have shown a lot of promise and effect. The main difference between traditional western medicine and chiropractic services lies in the techniques and medication use. Typically, pills and other forms of pain relief are employed to deal with injuries along with rest. For professional athletes, people who work out, or having an active lifestyle- this can be troublesome. By comparison, a chiropractor does not use prescription medication to treat issues. Instead, a chiropractor’s skill set lies in their ability to target issues along the spine to relieve pain. Since the spine connects the brain and the signals it sends throughout the body, many issues lie in its condition. Largo residents can benefit from a variety of options.

What is A Chiropractor?

When you are thinking about seeking alternative physical therapy, you want to aware of the services and benefits. Also, you want to know exactly what a professional chiropractor can and cannot help you with. When it comes to muscle spasms, healing injuries, and spinal problems, chiropractic services can be extremely effective. Many studies have shown that alternative physical therapy can be just as effective as prescription pills in many situations. An article on the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that chiropractic methods reduced opioid use. In many other cases, there have been similar conclusions. Not only does visiting a chiropractor for lower back pain reduce the need for opioids, it also seems more effective. Rather than risk your health, there are options that do not involve prescription medication or surgery. At Coastal Chiropractic – Rehab and Wellness, Largo residents can benefit from chiropractic services that are non-invasive and effective.

Find the Right Chiropractor for Yourself

Not all chiropractors are the same in experience or the methods they use to target the underlying cause of your pain. At Coastal Chiropractic – Rehab and Wellness, Largo residents can benefit from new technologies and methods like spinal thermography. Chiropractors will typically employ the use of new technologies to better correct your problems. A Computerized Posture Examination and simpler methods like massage therapy can work hand-in-hand to better your lower back pain. Many people believe that chiropractic services only involves massage therapy; however, that is not true. Dr. Marc Rogers and the staff at Coastal Chiropractic can offer much more than massage therapy. In addition to using technology to locate issues along the spine, Dr. Marc Rogers offers Largo residents everything from injury rehabilitation to nutritional counseling. At Coastal Chiropractic, Largo residents have a variety of Chiropractic Services to reduce their pain and improve general wellness.

What are Chiropractic Services?

When it comes to methods of treatment, Dr. Marc Rogers provides many services to help improve your health and wellness. Rather than focus on simply providing temporary pain relief, a chiropractor will instead target the underlying cause. Often, the underlying cause of issues like lower back pain lies in the spine and other factors that can go without notice. Your posture, nutrition, and muscle exertion can have adverse effects on your body. In addition, these negative effects can extend to your mental well-being. Research has shown that posture and depression have a link. These negative effects can include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Hazy thinking
  • Depression
  • Lower back pain

Nutritional changes can also affect your wellness and mental well-being. Largo residents can receive help and guidance with both their posture as well as their nutrition at Coastal Chiropractic. Rather than go it alone, Dr. Marc Rogers can help you find the right regimen to improve your health. Lifestyle changes are sometimes necessary to correct issues along the spine and body. Without proper exercise and nutrition, you can feel like you are always tired and lack adequate sleep. At Coastal Chiropractic, your pain does not need to be a source of dread. With the proper guidance, your health and wellness can improve. Do not wait to get help with your pain or recovery. You can contact Coastal Chiropractic today at 727-581-2774 or through the online form to start receiving beneficial chiropractic services as soon as possible.