If your aches and strains have become too much to live with in Largo, consult with a physical therapy chiropractor about rehabilitation. Dr. Marc Rogers, at Coastal Chiropractic, can evaluate your spine and provide a multitude of treatment options. For some, this includes a series of manual adjustments. For others who need further intervention, this might involve corrective exercises, stretches, or massage. Whatever your circumstances, our staff will assist you in improving your range of motion and overall spinal wellness in Largo.

What is Physical Therapy?

Part of the reason that local individuals do not seek out this treatment method is because they are unfamiliar with the concept. Even if you have heard about someone seeing a physical therapy chiropractor, many are unsure about what this actually means. For this reason, countless Pinellas County residents are not getting the help they need because they are unfamiliar with this term.

The reason some individuals might be unfamiliar with this approach is because there is not one specific definition for it. This treatment is incredibly individual, so it varies greatly from patient to patient. However, no matter where your aches or pains originate, Dr. Marc Rogers is dedicated to assisting locals in Largo with overcoming their limited mobility, conducting rehabilitation, and relieving their discomfort at our chiropractic clinic.

Do I Need Physical Therapy?

Just like there is no one path when it comes to treatment, so there is not a singular answer for those in Largo who want to know if they need to see a physical therapy chiropractor. Most individuals seek treatment because they have difficulty with basic movements, and they feel limited in their daily activities. For some, this means that it is painful to bend over and empty the dishwasher. For others, it may be especially challenging to lift a stack of plates onto a shelf above shoulder height. Since this therapeutic approach is highly unique to the patient, the best way to identify whether you could benefit is to come in for a spinal assessment. Not only will you receive input on misalignments and your posture, but our chiropractic doctor will examine your range of motion and apply adjustments that promote pain relief.

How Can a Physical Therapy Chiropractor Help Me?

A physical therapy chiropractor can guide treatment while helping Largo residents maintain or improve their mobility. Ours can assist with:

Rehabilitation after an Auto Accident

Auto accidents place tremendous stress on the body, specifically the spinal column. Even a minor collision in Largo, like a tapped bumper, can lead to whiplash and other uncomfortable misalignments. Many people experience immediate discomfort, and this usually results in a ride to the hospital.

While some feel the effects of the auto accident immediately, others might not feel sore or achy until a few days after the incident. If you delay medical treatment, not only do you risk losing insurance coverage, but it is also likely you will have trouble going through daily motions. Instead of waiting for the blurred vision to clear, consult with a physical therapy chiropractor. Dr. Marc Rogers can examine your condition and determine what rehabilitation approach is needed.

Assistance with Sports Injuries

You might compete on a team or enjoy a variety of recreational sports independently; but no matter what your chosen activity is, you can get hurt while playing or participating. From acute injuries, like sprains or dislocated shoulders, to chronic ones, like tennis elbow, no athlete is invincible. A physical therapy chiropractor can help!

While acute trauma is initially more painful, chronic injuries pose a significant problem as well. Soreness or swelling from overuse is overlooked because they are minor compared to ligament tears or abrasions. However, these injuries from overuse build up and get worse over time. Without medical assistance at a chiropractic clinic, your lifestyle is at risk. Too many individuals curb their everyday routine to accommodate a stiff shoulder or tight back. What seems like a short-term solution becomes a way of life. By numbing the unwanted symptoms, you risk making things worse later on.

A physical therapy chiropractor will examine the problem, alleviate discomfort, and initiate rehabilitation for Largo patients. From there, you will learn corrective exercises and particular stretches that help you regain your range of motion. Our therapeutic approach naturally facilitates healing, so you can return to your sport in no time!

Beyond Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our physical therapy chiropractor can administer rehabilitation and corrective exercises, but his assistance does not stop there. At Coastal Chiropractic clinic, our entire staff is dedicated to helping local patrons reclaim their health. At our facility in Largo, we offer:

  • Pain relief
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Massage therapy
  • Postural screenings
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Herniated disc therapy

Massage releases muscle tension, and manual adjustments can help you experience pain relief. Posture examinations can shed light on misalignments or achy joints. Whether you want input on your sleep schedule or spinal adjustments, we will have you feeling like your best self!

See Our Physical Therapy Chiropractor

Are you ready to regain mobility and enhance your wellness routine? Coastal Chiropractic has the tools and resources to make it possible! Our physical therapy chiropractor can correct misalignments and direct rehabilitation so that you can participate in daily life without strain. Do not limit yourself in Largo; call 727-581-2774 to get started!