Injuries and reoccurring pain can lead to or be indicators that your body may not be healing correctly. A physical therapy chiropractor can have a positive effect on your body. Whether you are a professional athlete, a young adult, or an accident victim in Clearwater, chiropractic treatment has been proven to be effective in many situations. The goal of chiropractic treatment is to target issues within the body without the use of medication or surgery. The body is incredibly efficient at healing itself but sometimes needs help moving in the right direction. Whether it is a natural spinal development or the result of poor posture and lifestyle, issues like subluxations can develop for many reasons and often require treatment. Degenerative spinal conditions like scoliosis can develop early in an individual’s life and go unnoticed for years. While scoliosis is not curable, it does require consistent treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment for Pain

Instead of having a severe condition grow worse until it becomes unbearable, a chiropractor in the Clearwater area can provide regular treatment. With other conditions, like spinal subluxation, proper chiropractic treatment can correct the misalignment. Spinal subluxation refers to a state in which a vertebra slips out of position. What makes this condition troublesome is that the slipped vertebrae are hard to discover. Studies have found that alternative physical therapy can be beneficial when it comes to pain reduction. Rather than struggling with other forms of pain relief, like prescription medication, many injury specialists recommend a chiropractor. Part of ensuring you heal well lies in exercising and stretching muscles and tendons in a safe way. Working with the right Clearwater chiropractic professional can save you money and help you recover faster.

Which Physical Therapy Chiropractor is Right for Me?

When it comes to finding the right clinic, ensuring they have the equipment and expertise to handle your rehabilitation is essential. Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness has the facilities and methods to correct issues such as spinal subluxations. Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic also has over a decade of experience in injury rehabilitation. Clearwater residents in need of physical rehabilitation may be wondering what the differences are between regular physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. A physical therapy chiropractor looks at issues in ways many physical therapists do not. Dr. Marc Rogers employs technology and tests such as spinal thermography and computerized postural examinations to provide a smoother recovery. Clients can also benefit from services like corrective exercise and lifestyle advice.

Technology for Relief: Specialized Scans and Imaging Equipment

With spinal thermography, medical professionals can more accurately locate areas of inflammation. In the past, it was difficult for chiropractors to apply spinal manipulation correctly. However, with newer technologies like spinal thermography, the heat given off by your skin can alert your doctor to areas of trouble. Computerized postural examinations are also relatively new but have proven to be effective. Studies done by universities everywhere from Brazil to Singapore have found computerized postural exams to be accurate. By measuring the minute changes along the spine as your body moves and shifts, a machine can locate problem areas. Clearwater clients in need of physical therapy after an accident can rely on Dr. Marc Rogers to correct their posture or spinal subluxation.

How Can Subluxations Affect Rehabilitation?

Since spinal subluxations can be subtle and difficult to diagnose, those suffering from pain after accidents like vehicular collisions who go to a regular doctor may just receive pain relievers. Without any direct treatment, a spinal subluxation can result in a host of symptoms like:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Neck pain
  • Tingling in fingers, arms, or toes
  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty sleeping

Physical therapy from a professional chiropractor like Dr. Marc Rogers means that your spinal health will be taken into account. Instead of trying to treat just the symptoms, a chiropractor focuses on the underlying cause of your pain. Clearwater injury sufferers can contact Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness today at (727) 581-2774 or by going online.