If you are suffering from the effects of an accident or injury, physical therapy might be the right choice for recovery. Most people are not very familiar with the practice unless they have needed it in the past. A physical therapist helps you to strengthen your body and restore mobility naturally; through stretches, exercises, and treatments, you can see signs of recovery. It can be a great way to start healing without prescription drugs or surgeries, though it can be a helpful recovery tool post-surgery as well. If you have been in an accident in Seminole and want a more natural approach to recovery, Coastal Chiropractic is here to help.

What Kinds of Physical Therapy Are Available?

There are many kinds of physical therapy, and each is tailored to meet your needs. Your first appointment with a physical therapist in Seminole will be an evaluation where they note your condition and your current abilities. Afterward, they will make recommendations for treatment, taking into account your goals for recovery. The program can be changed at any point. Here is some more information about the individual types of therapy that exist:


A pediatric PT works with infants, children, and teenagers that need help in Seminole. They can help with speech problems, congenital disabilities, injuries, as well as many different conditions. Early detection is essential to the therapy process, so pediatric PTs are vital to helping your child live a healthy life.


Geriatric PTs work with the elderly, typically in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Things like arthritis, joint replacements, as well as other conditions that come with aging can be painful and make life difficult. Physical therapy can alleviate pain and restore the patient’s mobility.


An orthopedic therapist helps heal the skeletal system and the ligaments and joints that surround it. Many orthopedic PTs specialize in athletic care. Treatment in Seminole centers around stretching, strengthening, and muscle stimulation.


Neurological therapy centers around the brain and physical conditions that are caused by problems in the brain. For example, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, strokes, and brain injuries are all conditions that a neurological PT would specialize in treating.


A cardiopulmonary therapist treats conditions related to the heart and pulmonary system. They treat things like COPD, heart attacks, asthma, and other related conditions. As with other kinds of therapy, the goal is not to be there permanently. Physical therapy aims to help you improve and leave your symptoms behind.

How Can a Therapist Help You Regain Your Life?

If you live in Seminole and are suffering from a chronic condition, recovering from surgery, healing an injury, or trying to keep up with your body’s aging process, we are here to help you. At Coastal Chiropractic we believe the body has all the tools it needs to heal itself; we just have to help it along. Things like chiropractic care and physical therapy are great tools for helping your body restart its natural healing techniques. A PT can help you every step of the way until you are ready to go on your own.

Where to Find Treatment in Seminole

Coastal Chiropractic has been serving the Seminole area for nearly twenty years. Our chiropractic care and physical therapy are delivered with care and the personal knowledge of how effective they can be. Many of our staff have seen the effects in their own lives, and it has fueled our passion for helping others live healthier, pain-free lives. If you are struggling with pain or a condition that prevents you from living your life to the fullest, contact us today. We can set up a consultation and begin building a plan for optimum recovery. Give our office a call at (727) 581-2774 to set up an appointment. You can also leave a message on our website, and we will get back to you shortly.