If you’re in need of a chiropractic clinic around the Seminole area, your first choice when determining a suitable practice should be Coastal Chiropractic. Whether you’ve been injured during a motor vehicle accident, sporting match, slips or falls or any other form of back trauma; our team has the know how and the latest in spinal rehabilitation technology to relieve you of your back pain.

What Does a Chiropractic Clinic Do?

The average chiropractic clinic in Seminole offers standard- level treatment options that can have you fixed up in no time. That is, until your back pain returns from lack of continued treatment or lack of an outpatient treatment plan. We typically suggest more than one visit for successful treatment; because of the sheer complexity and delicate nature of your spinal system, this type of care requires an ongoing healing regiment. Frequently unnoticed negative lifestyle choices tend to compound over the years, resulting in chronic back pain. This could require a stringent in-office and outpatient commitment for working towards your pain relief. These lifestyle changes could be as simple or as complex as:

  • Sleeping tendencies/posture
  • Exercise habits (or lack thereof)
  • Diet and nutritional intake
  • Posture while sitting, standing, or walking
  • Improper handbag toting
  • Shoes/ footwear selections

These are all potentially harmful actions that have the ability to cause severe spinal implications— without you even noticing the harm you might be doing to your own nervous system. Coastal’s chiropractic clinic in Seminole can help you identify the problem, as well as initiate treatment and set you up with a wellness plan.

Services Offered At Our Chiropractic Clinic

The wide range of our treatment plans can vary substantially based on individual needs and remedial requirements, but they can all be administered from our Seminole chiropractic clinic. Our diagnosis efforts and treatment plans utilize advanced technology such as Spinal Thermography, which measures skin temperature around the spinal region to assist us in visualizing the localized and relative adjustment regiment. This also allows the doctor to conclude if applied adjustments require a higher or lower degree of therapy based on heat signatures emanating from your spine.

High-Tech Examinations

The Computerized Postural Examinations (CPEs) we administer at our Seminole chiropractic clinic also boast modern technological advances in the field of alternative medicine. These computerized examinations take into consideration your natural postural configuration. It is then compared against a grid pattern and analyzed by a computer program to create an initial starting point for spinal adjustments. It also helps to suggest a treatment plan of a lesser degree if your condition is more mild.

Herniated Disc Therapy

Herniated Disc (known more commonly as “Slipped Disc”) therapy is also another intricate process that focuses on specific areas of pain that have been affected by localized herniation. Herniated discs are associated with patients who maintain a sedentary lifestyle (frequent sitting or driving) coupled with the likely degeneration of spinal tissue, as well as activities that bear heavy loads on the spinal column such as improper lifting or sports-related traumas. There are many treatment options available for a slipped disc that our Seminole team of qualified chiropractic clinic professionals can administer in attempts to help ease your pain.

Nutritional Counseling

Individual nutritional counseling offered through our Seminole office can substantially improve your fight against back pain in more ways than one might assume. The need for responsible dietary habits is heavily weighed on the adverse effects in which a poor diet could pose on your spinal system and other critical bodily functions. Processed foods with their lack of essential vitamins and minerals, also, often found missing in most inorganic foods, have brought forth the concept of “healthy eating, healthy living”. This is found to be true through various studies revealing that negative effects resulting from poor diets can induce inflammation in areas of constant strain, especially the vertebrae. The lifestyle advice our chiropractic clinic offers is also distinctly imperative when calculating all factors in which spinal complications could become worse over time without treatment or preventative measures.

Feel Better With Coastal Chiropractic

If you feel like you could benefit from the assistance of a massage therapist, a physical therapist, or a spinal specialist, contact Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness. Begin your path to treatment and recovery by calling (727) 581-2774 today!