You should visit a Seminole Chiropractor for treatment regardless of your age, health or lifestyle (although certain people should definitely make it more of an immediate priority than others).

In today’s fast paced environment, many of us choose the quick fix rather than taking the time to explore other options. Many of us who face chronic pain resulting from auto accidents, sports, or simply bad posture from sitting at our desks every day, are quick to turn to pain medication as a cure for our ailments. The pharmaceutical industry has become a massive powerhouse in our country, and while the quick solution to your pain may grant you immediate results, the long term may be a different story entirely. Recognized as one of the safest and most effective therapies for treatment of muscle, joint, back, and neck pains, Chiropractic treatment has become the second largest healthcare profession in the United States. And if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, leading Largo, Clearwater, and Seminole Chiropractor Dr. Marc J. Rogers and our team here at Coastal Chiropractor Rehab & Wellness may just be your ticket to a pain free life.

The human body is a vastly complicated working machine. There are a multitude of areas that can be affected if just one area is suffering from an injury that can leave you with crippling pain. The main focus regarding chiropractic treatment deals with the nervous system, which is the master system of your body, and spinal misalignments, which can cause a decrease in nerve system function. You can visualize your spinal column as the equivalent to that of your cars alignment. When it comes to your car, if your alignment is off track, your car may suffer from worn out tires or fail to drive properly. The same can be said regarding your body if the spine, hips, shoulders, knees, and feet are out of alignment, leaving improper function of your body, causing joints to eventually break down, leaving you with lasting pain. Think of your Seminole Chiropractor as a very reliable and professional mechanic.

This practice may perhaps be unfamiliar to some, but it’s important to know the in-depth options you have when researching various types of treatments in your search for a Seminole Chiropractor:

Canadian Daniel David Palmer founded Chiropractic treatment in 1895, and although it doesn’t take the same conventional route as medicine or surgery to treat patients, the resulting effects of the treatments are considered safe and extremely effective. With two main types of treatments – manipulation and soft tissue treatment – the side effects are minimal, and are isolated to whichever type of treatment you agree to undergo with your Seminole Chiropractor. With manipulation treatment this aims to fix your joints, increasing the overall range of motion your body can perform, and generally decreases pain and muscle discomfort whereas soft tissue treatment centers on the muscles and tendons in your body.

The majority of people who undergo this type of treatment are left feeling more mobile and energized than ever before. Along with the many positive effects, arguably the best is the increase of your internal immune system, which will prevent sickness and aid your system to bounce back from illness faster. The results are fast, effective, long lasting, and leave you without increasing prescription bills and side effects. So if you’re experiencing back, neck, or joint pain, choosing to undergo surgery or risk the dangers of pain killers may only lead you to a new world of troubles. Instead, seek out the best Seminole Chiropractor and call Coastal Chiropractic Rehab and Wellness today to set up an appointment (727) 581-2774.