Dealing with potential problems along the spinal column is not a simple task, but new advancements are always rising at the forefront of our society. With the use of new technologies, a spine specialist can now view your spine like never before. If you find yourself suffering from muscle spasms, back pain, and even muscle adhesion, then you may benefit from a visit to a chiropractor in Clearwater. Many people might wonder, “Well, why is there so much focus on the spinal column if my pain is elsewhere?” The column is the part of the body that mediates the movement of signals throughout various organs and muscles. Kinks and problems along the back area and vertebrae can create issues that span to just about any part of the body.

Rather than dealing with the issues and hoping that your body heals, a spine specialist can help correct misalignments. There can be many symptoms that can go along with injury and misalignments along vertebrae. Resident throughout Clearwater should not let injuries go without treatment! Why suffer unnecessarily when a simple trip to Coastal Chiropractic Clinic can begin your journey to your ultimate wellness?

Typical Spinal Issues

Clearwater residents of all ages may suffer from a problem along a vertebra without even knowing it. Other injuries are hard to miss such as having a herniated disc. This common type of injury occurs when an intervertebral disc slips out of place. Even though sharp pain is a symptom, there are many other potential side effects. Often, a spine specialist like Dr. Marc Roger is necessary to help improve and adjust your vertebral column. Possible symptoms of disc herniation include:

  • Dull discomfort along the lower back
  • Pain from coughing or sudden movement
  • Conditions such as sciatica
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Trouble walking and running

Sciatica and Scoliosis

Sciatica, a secondary condition from a disc herniation and spinal injury, causes sharp shooting pain in the legs. Because the lower back vertebrae connect to the lower regions of the body, the nerves along the legs are affected. Depending on where along your back the misalignment is, different symptoms may present themselves.

Injuries that involve the neck region can be some of the most damaging. Since that area of the column is close to the top, it is responsible for many critical functions. All four limbs can suffer nerve and function damage from a severe injury. Also, a spine specialist can help you avoid conditions such as scoliosis. Once the situation has set in, chiropractic care can only help prevent further deterioration. Typically, a brace system is needed to correct the condition. Instead of waiting for a spinal condition to develop, Clearwater residents can benefit from chiropractic care that acts as a preventative measure.

Causes of Misalignments

Disc herniation can occur for a number of reasons and is not always the result of natural aging. Heavy lifting without proper care, tobacco use, and an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to herniated discs. Dr. Marc Rogers, a spine specialist in the Clearwater area, has experience not only with correcting misalignments but also with lifestyle advice. Rather than attempt to figure out what is best for the body by yourself, a professional like Dr. Marc Rogers can help you understand proper dieting and lifestyle choices. This way, you can not only prevent problems but also heal any current issues you may be having. Spinal curvature, injuries, and poor lifestyle choices can have a negative impact on:

  • Digestion
  • Muscle health (spasms and cramps)
  • Joints
  • Mental health (depression, cloudy thoughts)
  • Oxygen delivery to the brain
  • Blood pressure
  • And more

The Role of a Spine Specialist

Whether you suffer from an injury, experience chronic pain, or are simply someone who wants to improve their health and posture, Dr. Marc Rogers can assist you in your adjustments. Working with the spinal column is not a painful or invasive experience. A professional spine specialist like Dr. Marc Roger knows how to target areas precisely with the use of different technologies. Despite a heavy focus on vertebrae, a chiropractor can assist Clearwater patients with other problems. Alternative forms of physical therapy can be an effective form of treatment for a range of issues such as muscle adhesion and muscle fatigue.

Instead of waiting for a condition to worsen, a visit to a chiropractor can help improve your health. Clearwater residents can contact or call 727-581-2774  for our spine specialist, Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic, to set up an appointment.