Improving your overall health and mobility sometimes requires more than diet and exercise. Seminole residents may have old injuries and scar tissue that cause continuous pain. By working with a spine specialist, patients can better target the underlying condition for many symptoms. When chiropractors refer to “underlying conditions” they merely mean the source of your pain. What many people are unaware of is precisely how spinal damage can affect all facets of their life.

A common symptom that people may treat with over-the-counter medication is fatigue. Relying on only coffee and energy supplements only temporarily staves off tiredness. While you may believe the issue is just a lack of sleep, you have to wonder what the cause of your sleeping difficulties to begin with is. Even minor kinks can result in restless sleep and aches. The best solution to avoid deteriorating spinal health is to receive the help of a spine specialist like Dr. Marc Rogers.

Top 3 Benefits of a Spine Specialist

Regardless of your daily activities, subluxations (shifting vertebra) can form slowly until a significant herniation occurs. Prevention is one of the most significant advantages of consistent treatment at Coastal Chiropractic. Rather than waiting for the problem to worsen, clients throughout Seminole can begin improving their quality of life. Chiropractors can achieve results with relatively painless techniques that cause subtle changes instead of rapid shifts. The issue with quick-fixes is that they can cause more harm than good. Professionals offer new and in-depth technology to locate and correct issues. Dr. Marc Rogers has many years of experience helping patients throughout the Seminole area. Individuals of all ages throughout Seminole can benefit from proper treatment. Some of the most significant advantages of visiting a spine specialist include:

  • Improvements in overall health and wellbeing
  • Reduction in pain from scar tissue
  • Non-invasive techniques

Improve Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

When it comes to health, mental factors play an essential role. It is difficult to keep up with healthy practices while suffering from a spinal misalignment. Besides pain, sufferers may experience difficulties with breathing and dizziness. Those who are very physically active are at a higher risk for misalignments and injury. By relying on a spine specialist, clients can experience a host of physical and mental benefits. For example, injuries like whiplash can easily cause minor damage to the top vertebra of the spine. The C1 vertebrae are responsible for signals dealing with the brain and inner ear. Besides a lack of balance, sufferers may notice mood changes and headaches. With consistent treatment from the right spine specialist, you can improve nerve function and mental wellbeing.

Reduction in Pain from Scar Tissue

Past injuries can heal incorrectly, resulting in pain when stretching specific muscles. Scar tissue from things like surgery can restrict your range of motion and lead to other complications. To balance the discomfort, individuals may put more pressure on a particular side of their body. Seminole residents suffering from scar tissue pain can end up developing muscle imbalances. By taking care to see a professional, you can reduce pain.

Non-Invasive Techniques

A significant benefit of chiropractic care is that it can prevent the need for invasive treatments like surgery. Severe damage to the spinal cord will often require surgery, but proper care can strengthen and reduce the chances of a serious accident. Invasive methods like surgery may be avoided by reducing your chances of a significant injury in the future. Also, new technologies like computerized thermography allow a spine specialist like Dr. Marc Rogers to locate areas of inflammation better. Seminole residents can also benefit from lifestyle services and treatments like corrective exercise.

Avoid Pains and Discomfort at Coastal Chiropractic

Relying on a spine specialist means taking a serious look at your posture and spinal health. While technology allows for better results, it is essential to approach your situation from all angles. Services that can improve weight loss, diet, and rehabilitation are only a call away. Seminole residents can contact us at Coastal Chiropractor today by going online or by calling (727) 581-2774.