When you are suffering from aches and pains, don’t wait until you can get a doctor’s appointment; instead, visit your local Clearwater walk in clinic for fast and affordable service. At Coastal Chiropractic, we have been helping people of the Tampa Bay area live their lives with less pain and discomfort, thanks to our gentle and effective chiropractic care. If you are suffering from non-life threatening car accident injuries, a chiropractic clinic is the best place to start your healing process.

Why Should You Visit a Walk in Clinic?

When you just need a checkup, making an appointment three months in advance to see your doctor may not seem like a big deal. But when you are suffering from an auto accident injury, waiting this long is never a good idea. Clearwater, Florida’s new PIP laws now state that if you do not seek treatment within fourteen days of the accident, you can lose all insurance payments. This is why so many people are encouraged to go to the hospital after an accident. However, if you are not bleeding and nothing is broken, you could end up sitting in the emergency room for hours.

Your best bet after a car collision is to visit your local chiropractor at a walk in clinic. Here, you will receive quality time with a skilled doctor who will take the extra time to get to know you and figure out the root of your injuries, instead of covering them with pain medication. With the help of our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, and some gentle manipulations and adjustments, you will be able to get back on the road to recovery in no time!

Visiting a Clearwater walk in clinic is imperative after an accident, even if you feel fine. You are in shock and your brain is pumping your body full of endorphins to help keep you feeling alright. After those endorphins subside, the real pain starts. The sooner you see a chiropractor, the sooner you can start living a life with less pain. Instead of trusting online medical sites on how to treat your pain, visiting a doctor is always the best bet. Dr. Rogers will know whether you need to ice it or apply heat, and whether restricting movement will help or hurt your healing.

Coastal Chiropractic of Clearwater

If you are experiencing pain, whether it is from a chronic condition or a recent accident, visiting a Clearwater walk in clinic is the best way for you to start living with less pain. Daily discomfort is not only uncomfortable but it can keep you from doing your job or doing the things you love. Don’t risk losing your PIP benefits by waiting and hoping the pain will subside on its own. Visit us as soon as possible so you can know for sure that you will start to feel more like you sooner rather than later.

Don’t worry if it is a weekend or after hours; if you need us, just call our office. At the end of the recording, you will be prompted to call our after hour’s number for immediate help at our walk in clinic! Dr. Rogers has spent his life helping people of Clearwater live a life with less pain. Thanks to high quality equipment and practices, he will use gentle adjustments, manipulations, massage therapy, and other techniques to help you! Our entire staff is passionate about helping people, and we strive to create an office environment that is comfortable and welcoming.

If you need immediate help, visit Coastal Chiropractic’s walk in clinic in Clearwater today! For more information, call us at 727-581-2774.