If you live in Seminole, it is vital to have access to a walk-in clinic that specializes in chiropractic support. You cannot predict when the need for quality chiropractic care will arise, but when it does, waiting is not an option. The discomfort can be excruciating, and your routine will be disrupted, making it all but impossible to do anything but think about how uncomfortable you feel. Driving to work, picking up the kids, and walking the dog may become more challenging than you might imagine.

At Coastal Chiropractic, we understand how important immediate attention is, whether you have a pinched nerve, stiff neck, or whiplash. Due to this need, our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, established a walk-in clinic for residents in Seminole and all across Tampa Bay. Offices that do not offer this service are often booked for many weeks out, and you are left relying on the off chance that another patient might cancel their existing appointment. When your chronic back pain becomes too much to bear, or you have been injured in a car crash, waiting often only makes things worse.

Pain Relief in a Pinch

When your body is stressed, it cries out for relief. If you have a slipped disc or debilitating migraines, you should not wait a moment longer. We know how unpredictable these things can be and we strive to help those who experience:

When you come to our facility in Seminole, the chiropractor will help you take the first steps in alleviating your pain. It is crucial to get the process started as soon as you possibly can, which is why our walk-in clinic services are invaluable.

Come In After an Auto Accident

If you have been in a collision, immediate chiropractic care is crucial to the speed and success of your recovery. We urge you to come in right after the crash not only to receive care sooner, but also because of the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law. This regulates the insurance benefits you receive, and is largely based on how quickly you seek medical care; it states that you need to see a healthcare provider within 14 days of the incident to receive benefits. Make your health a priority and visit our walk-in clinic in Seminole.

Not everyone experiences visible injuries at first and may overlook immediate medical attention in the face of a totaled vehicle, but your health may suffer as injuries surface over time. It is best to schedule a checkup after you have been in a crash, so we can document any injuries you may have incurred. For faster relief, visit our walk-in clinic in Seminole; this visit will also stand up in the face of PIP laws and can benefit you financially in the long run.

Immediate Attention – Improved Recovery

The sooner you visit our walk-in clinic, the sooner we can help ease your tension and begin combatting the long-term effects of injuries. When you arrive, there may be some wait time since many other Seminole residents take advantage of this service. But you can count on being seen the day you come in, which for many leads to pain relief and improved chances of recovery.

Too many individuals focus on their symptoms, like sleepless nights or tension headaches throughout the day. They opt for over-the-counter medications that only soothe temporarily; these drugs do not address the source of the problem, and they are not intended to be used long-term.

Coastal Chiropractic’s Walk-In Clinic

Instead of relying on expensive drugs that can do a body more harm than good, come to our walk-in clinic for hands-on, natural treatment. Not only can we help correct your spine, but we simultaneously address the source of your pain. This approach leads to a more efficient recovery without the aid of over-the-counter medications. If, however, it is medically beneficial for you to see a specialist that will prescribe you medication, we will not hesitate to refer you— our primary concern is your health and wellness. Our chiropractor in Seminole can also assist you with weight management, exercise rehabilitation, and massage therapy. Give us a call today at (727) 581-2774 or visit our office to begin your journey to better health.