Ensuring you and your family stay healthy does not always require you schedule appointments months in advance. Walk in clinic options can be great for emergencies and getting rapid treatment. Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic offers Seminole residents access to effective chiropractic services. Many individuals may assume that, compared to traditional medicine, chiropractic techniques are less useful. However, medication and prescriptions are about as effective as more new chiropractic techniques.

If you are dealing with pains from an accident, then you may be able to pay with services through insurance. Affordable chiropractic options can improve injuries from auto accidents such as whiplash and spinal misalignment. Whiplash causes pain in the neck, back, and chest. The pain is return at seemingly random times and continues weeks or months after the initial incident. Without adequate care, Seminole resident can also feel numbness and muscle spasms that interfere with everyday activities. Discomfort, when bending over or lifting heavy objects, is a common symptom of spinal misalignments.

Top 3 Benefits of Walk in Clinic Services

Walk in clinic services can provide a host of benefits that bed rest and medication do not. One of the most significant advantages is that treatment is non-invasive. Invasive options like prescription medication can interfere with other compounds and limit your physical ability. Certain pain relievers have side effects that alter perception, resulting in intoxication. Seminole residents will not be able to drive or function at an average level while on specific pain-relieving prescriptions. By comparison, walk-in clinic services from Coastal Chiropractic avoid limiting your mental and physical function. Chiropractic techniques like massage therapy naturally promote the production of pain-relief compounds. Many studies have found that the synthetic compounds and natural one’s function nearly the same. However, the body reacts more positively to naturally occurring chemicals. Walk-in clinic services from Coastal Chiropractic are:

  • Useful for all ages
  • Uses effective technology
  • Effective in injury rehabilitation

Useful for all Ages

A significant advantage of chiropractic services is that produces beneficial results for individuals of all ages. When it comes to children and young adults, non-invasive care improve growth and reduces pain. Studies have found that nearly half of all kids under the age of 18 experience some amount of spinal pain. Bookbags and stress from school work both contribute to deteriorating spinal health. Sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours every day can also cause bruises along the spinal column. While the discomfort may fade over time, it can be a sign of worsening health. Walk in clinic services provide children still growing with a way to reduce their chances of developing deteriorating spinal conditions.

Older individuals dealing with constant pains and inflammation can also take advantage of a walk in clinic services from Dr. Marc Rogers. Options like low-level laser therapy can reduce inflammation in joints and muscle by softly penetrating the skin. Seminole clients do not need to worry about adverse skin reactions or damage to tissue. The laser is not strong enough to hurt patients.

Effective Technology

Besides low-level laser therapy, Seminole clients can take advantage of multiple other chiropractic technologies to improve health. Everyone’s body is slightly different so one technique may not be practical for all situation. By employing other equipment like coaxial tables and computerized postural examinations, clients receive personalized treatment. The increase in effectiveness of chiropractors is partly due to these new computer options. Professionals with the right facilities can better view and locate problem areas. Merely reducing pain is not a clear indication of proper corrections to misalignments. Without the ability to see damage and improvement, Seminole patients will also be unable to follow the effects of their treatment.

Effective in Injury rehabilitation

Reducing pain after an injury is beneficial for both your recovery and mental function. Chronic pain from inflammation can result in foggy thinking, depression, and even physical effects like muscle weakness. You can take advantage of non-invasive options to improve blood flow and reduce symptoms of chronic pain.

Improve your Health and Wellbeing with Coastal Chiropractic

Dr. Marc Rogers provides patients with more than walk in clinic options. Consistent sessions can improve muscle growth, posture, and promote weight-loss. Proper physical activity and diet can also help prevent additional injuries and scar tissue formation. Seminole residents can go online or call (727) 581-2774 today to take the first step towards improving overall health and mental wellbeing.