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Can Car Accident Injury Treatment Improve with a Chiropractor?

After a vehicle collision, Clearwater residents may mistakenly think of treatment second to handling legal matters. However, not knowing the extent of your injuries can make it difficult to process a legal claim correctly. The right car accident injury treatment can improve your health and quicken your recovery. Alternative physical therapy can help ease the pain and damage you wish to alleviate. Chiropractic techniques rely on non-invasive and safe methods [...]

Top 3 Benefits of the Best Chiropractor for Injuries

Injuries can arise when one least expects. Gradual changes in the body can result in fractures, creaky joints, and dozens of secondary symptoms. The best chiropractor for injuries is one that focuses on the underlying causes. Largo residents dealing with past injuries or recovering from surgery can improve their discomfort and the healing process with chiropractic care. However, not every chiropractic center offers the same services. When looking for the [...]

Treating Migraines with Chiropractic Care

Migraines and headaches are one of the things that Americans complain about most often. However, many are unaware of the positive effects of chiropractic care when it comes to combatting this type of discomfort. With a mixture of gentle movements, stretches, and manipulations on the spine, doctors of chiropractic do not use any drug or surgery to ease the pain of their patients. The tools they use may include shoe [...]

A Story About Tina

This is my first foray into the “blogospere”. I am excited that I can combine two things that I like to do: Chiropractic and Writing.  After twelve awesome years of practice I can honestly say that it has been a great ride so far. I have had a lot of fun, made some mistakes, and been able to help a lot of people. What’s really exciting to me is that [...]

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