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3 Things to Bring to the Walk-In Clinic

When you come to Coastal Chiropractic’s walk-in clinic, it is best to be prepared. We understand that you are in terrible pain, but we want your visit to go as smoothly as possible in Seminole. Nobody with a herniated disc or pinched nerve wants the hassle of returning home to retrieve something they forgot, so let us fill you in on what you should bring.

1. Insurance information

Your insurance card is a crucial component when it comes to visiting the chiropractor. Medical care can be costly, and we want to keep it as affordable as possible. Most establishments accept major insurance companies, so don’t miss out on these benefits. If you have been in an auto accident, it is vital that you see a medical professional within fourteen days of the incident. This span of time qualifies you for coverage. Our walk-in clinic in Seminole is ideal because you get immediate attention and expert assistance.

2. Medical History

We need to have your medical history on file, so bring this information with you. Our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, will address your discomfort using spinal adjustments. But he will also want to discuss your health history and current lifestyle. By learning more about the patient, we can target potential sources of the pain they experience.

3. Something to Do

Life’s surprises lead to the unexpected in Seminole— sprains, pinched nerves, and auto accident injuries. Since we see individuals on the day they come in, our walk-in clinic can get crowded. We have a variety of magazines available, but we suggest you bring something to do:

  • A book to read
  • Mp3 player and headphones
  • Paper and pen— make a grocery list, write a thank you note, etc.
  • Your checkbook— pay the gas bill or pet sitter

When you have something to focus on, your discomfort will seem less concentrated and the time will pass more quickly. Many patients rely on their phones for entertainment, so pack your charger.

Coastal Chiropractic’s Walk-In Clinic

We know that no one plans on back or neck pain, so we provide immediate relief at our walk-in clinic. You don’t need to call our facility; you can just show up. Since this service is popular at our Seminole location, be sure to bring along something to do, as well as your insurance card and medical history. If you are interested in other services, like nutritional counseling or massage, contact us online or office at 727-581-2774 to learn more!

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