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4 Ways an Auto Accident Injuries Chiropractor Can Help

Crashes on I-275 and collisions on Ulmerton Road are a daily occurrence for Largo residents. If you’re involved, you’re likely to experience physical and emotional stress. The significance of the impact can have a direct effect on your spinal health, and an auto accident injuries chiropractor is essential if you want to avoid chronic pain and long-term damage.

1. Immediate Relief

After a wreck, you might not notice aches or strains right away. A pinch in your back or the strain in your neck when you move your head from side to side may not show up for hours or even days after the incident. Between adrenaline and shock, symptoms might not show, and individuals who are hurt don’t always seek medical help right away. By going to a walk-in clinic in Largo, you can count on being seen that same day. The doctor will assess for misalignments and apply adjustments as needed to alleviate discomfort. Some might argue that you can find immediate relief at the ER, but painkillers are no replacement for the first step in healing. All they do is numb the pain, rather than heal what’s causing it.

2. Individual Attention

When you choose a chiropractic clinic, you get specialized treatment and a clear idea of what’s happened to your spine after a collision. Most MDs don’t have the spinal expertise of an auto accident injuries chiropractor, so you’ll spend a lot of time taking prescriptions and pursuing referrals when you could be on the road to recovery in Largo.

3. Recovery Plan

Alongside immediate alleviation, you’ll gain direction right away because your auto accident injuries chiropractor will discuss treatment options. Not only will they mention what applications this process might involve, but they should also give you an idea of how long this process should take. Bear in mind, details are subject to change due to how your body reacts to various forms of care. Your recovery plan should change as your health progresses.

4. Follow-through

Healing isn’t a one-and-done process when it comes to the spine. For this reason, you’ll come in for a few appointments to regain strength and heal any damage. Our doctor is dedicated to helping Tampa Bay residents recover after car wrecks and automobile collisions, and he does this helping patients every step of the way.

Choose Coastal Chiro’s Auto Accident Injuries Chiropractor

You may have been t-boned on Park Boulevard, or your bumper may have been tapped in the Target parking lot. Whatever the case, consult with an auto accident injuries chiropractor to rule out damage and create a plan for recovery. Dr. Marc Rogers of Coastal Chiropractic also offers:

  • Postural exams
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Ideal Protein Weight Loss programs
  • Whiplash injury treatment

From weight management to corrective exercises, our team has you covered! Call 727-581-2774 for more information, and if you’ve been in a wreck near Largo, just come to our walk-in clinic!