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How Can an Accident Injury Chiropractor Reduce Back Pain?

One of the most common symptoms of a vehicle collision is back pain. Many individuals do not think of seeking treatment from an accident injury chiropractor after a crash. Largo residents should know that back pain and injuries can be latent. That means that complications from injuries can go without notice for weeks and pop up later. If you are taking prescription pain relievers, it can be even more difficult to recover. Targeting the root of the problem is the goal of a professional chiropractor like Dr. Marc Rogers. At Coastal Chiropractic Rehab and Wellness, Dr. Marc Rogers employs hands-on, effective techniques to improve health.

In the past, it was difficult to measure and find issues along the spine with traditional chiropractic techniques. Specific imaging technology was limited and not as accurate. However, Largo patients can now benefit from non-traditional services like computerized postural examinations. Damage to the spine can cause changes in posture and create misalignments. Recovering from a car accident sometimes requires more than bedrest and pain relievers. If you are suffering from reoccurring pain and numbness in your extremities, then an accident injury chiropractor can provide relief.

Types of Treatment from a Largo Accident Injury Chiropractor

At Coastal Chiropractic, patients can benefit from a combination of treatments. Exercise rehabilitation and spinal screenings can readjust the body’s natural alignment. Spinal misalignment can also be a significant cause of constant back pain issues. When your musculoskeletal structure is misaligned, you may experience more than back pain. Shifts in vertebrae can result in symptoms ranging from muscle spasms to sleep disorders. Largo back pain sufferers can improve their musculoskeletal alignment and overall health with services like:

  • Foot Scanning
  • Spinal Thermography
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Spinal Screenings
  • Cold Laser Therapy

An accident injury chiropractor knows how to target misalignments and reduce pain throughout the body. When it comes to healing injuries, pain and stress are detrimental to recovery speed. With the help of Dr. Marc Rogers, you can reduce pain through non-invasive and safe methods.

Additional Services at Coastal Chiropractic

Largo residents have even more to benefit from when choosing Coastal Chiropractic as their chiropractic clinic. Nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice services are also available. When recovering, it is essential that you change your lifestyle and diet. A major aspect of healing means getting the proper exercise and nutrition. Without it, your body may heal improperly or much more slowly. You can contact an accident injury chiropractor at Coastal Chiropractic today by going online or calling in at (727) 581-2774.