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What is the Best Largo Auto Injury Treatment Option?

An unavoidable part of life in Largo is the potential for car accidents. Auto injury treatment can vary; however, chiropractors are a great alternative to invasive care. Even collisions with minor damage to the vehicle can cause whiplash. Studies show that most low-speed collisions (around 15 miles per hour) still result in physical trauma. Without treatment, painful scar tissue can form, damaging the sensitive vertebrae in the spine. Ignoring the problem may leave you with pain or a limited range of movement. In the worst-case scenario, you risk injuring yourself further. Accident victims can get back to their lives faster and benefit from pain reduction and more by visiting Coastal Chiropractic Clinic.

Latent Auto Injury Symptoms

While some trauma is noticeable right away, some injury symptoms can arise days to weeks after an accident in Largo. Whiplash, being the most common condition, is the easiest to ignore. Upper vertebral damage can result in more than a stiff neck, however. Symptoms from upper spinal misalignment include tightness in facial muscles, spasms, and difficulty rotating the neck. Other symptoms include:

  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Clumsiness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Trouble focusing or thinking clearly
  • Headaches

Can Auto Injury Treatment Prevent Latent Symptoms?

If you never receive professional care after an accident, then other conditions can also go without notice. While treating spasms along the back, a chiropractor may notice other issues, like a kink in your spine. Damage to the spinal cord can cause nerves to function incorrectly. While working out, you may find you run out of breath more quickly. A patient’s lungs may end up not responding as they should, which results in less oxygen reaching the brain. Not only can individuals experience rapid onset fatigue, but mood swings and fainting spells as well. Non-invasive auto injury treatment can fight the mental and physical effects of a collision. A professional accident chiropractor like Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic can use specialized tools to locate and heal damaged, inflamed areas.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic Clinic in Largo for Expert Care

Dr. Rogers assists patients suffering from slip and fall accidents as well as disc herniation, and more. Certain insurance providers cover chiropractic services, so many Largo residents do not have to worry about paying for their care entirely out-of-pocket. Auto injury treatment may require multiple sessions to ensure proper healing.

For auto injury treatment and other services like exercise rehabilitation, contact Coastal Chiropractic today. Largo residents can reach us at (727) 581-2774 or by contacting us online.