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Car Accident Facts: Chiropractor Care

Should you seek care from a chiropractor after an accident? That is a common question to have when you’re deciding how to approach your aftercare. You might assume, based on the circumstances of your accident, that you don’t need to see a chiropractor, but there are a few important reasons why you should consider visiting one for auto accident care in Clearwater.


1. Early Intervention is Critical


People who have been in accidents often don’t show any initial symptoms. Issues stemming from a car accident can arise days, weeks, or even months later. Initially, after your accident, you may feel fine, but then symptoms may develop after some time has passed.


Early intervention has been shown to provide better relief for those who have sustained a whiplash injury, which is common in auto accidents. That is because improving one’s range of motion is more effective in treating whiplash than resting or using a cervical collar. A chiropractic evaluation can be used as a preventative measure to ensure that aches and pains don’t show up weeks after your accident.


2. Underlying Issues May Arise If Left Unchecked


You might believe that because your car sustained very little or no damage that you must be all right too. Actually, most whiplash injuries happen when a vehicle is traveling between 6 to 12 mph. It takes as little as 5 mph to enforce a neck injury. The car is able to absorb the damage, but unfortunately, you are not. You might not have any pain at first, but again, this can worsen if left unchecked.


It’s also easy to make excuses or brush it off when your only symptom is a little bit of neck pain. Neck pain that goes untreated can worsen quickly, and it could also extend down into your shoulders and back. That is yet another reason why it’s best not to delay getting auto accident care in Clearwater.


3. Brain Injuries Can Affect the Rest of Your Body


You can still sustain a concussion or minor brain injury even when your head doesn’t strike anything. Similar to other post-accident aches and pains, brain injuries that are not treated can lead to significant problems later on, including headaches, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, light sensitivity, and a general sense of “not feeling right.”


A healthy pathway for cerebrospinal fluid is vital to brain health and should be maintained by a chiropractor post-accident. Cerebrospinal fluid helps carry waste away from the brain and helps supply the area with vital nutrients from the bloodstream. A healthy neck, spine, and nervous system can support the healing of your brain after an injury.


4. You Need to Focus on Healing, Not Hiding Issues


A visit to the chiropractor is not only a preventative measure, but it’s also an approach that addresses the root cause of an injury. Although medication can be a helpful tool, it often masks the pain. A primary focus on healing the post-accident injuries is a much more proactive approach.


After an accident, you might feel like you are okay, have little to no pain, and have only minor damage to your car, causing you to brush off initial symptoms. But when it comes to your health, it’s best not to leave it up to chance. Get evaluated by a chiropractor so you can be sure that you’re moving forward in good health.


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