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Chiropractic Clinic Advice: 3 Ways to Naturally Improve Your Sleep

Life in Clearwater seldom slows down, so rest is precious. Do you have more restless nights than restful ones? Are coffee and Coke Zero what get you through the day? Does your thinking seem cloudy? Chances are, you could use some rest. Too many Americans live in a sleep-deprived state, but this isn’t always for lack of trying.  Some individuals find that, try as they might, dreamland is elusive. If you’d like to make it through the night without relying on sleeping pills, read on. Experts at our chiropractic clinic have three natural methods for you.

1. Make Changes To Your Sleeping Environment

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractic clinic, you know that changes to your lifestyle can improve your health. Beyond nutrition and exercise, this also includes your bedroom. Small changes to your sleeping environment can make a great difference. Consider:

  • Eliminating Light: Install blackout curtains and remove sources of artificial light, like phones, televisions, and alarm clocks.
  • Gentle Sounds: Clearwater residents who incorporate white noise machines into their bedtime routine improve their sleeping environment by cutting out other noises that might wake them.
  • Temperature: By keeping your bedroom between 65 and 68 degrees, you promote sounder snoozing.

While you may not want to part from your iPhone, simple alterations like these can help you sleep through the night.

2. Get a Massage

During slumber, the brain recharges and cells repair themselves. Without adequate rest in Clearwater, your body can’t catch up. You become stressed and your tense muscles interfere with overall comfort. Getting a massage will promote relaxation. With the knots in your shoulders released, you can lie down with less discomfort.

3. Receive Adjustments at a Chiropractic Clinic

The condition of the spine has a dramatic effect on health, including sleep. Enhance the quality of your shut-eye by receiving adjustments at a chiropractic clinic. Discomfort of the neck and back make it difficult for your body to relax, and certain sleeping positions may even be painful. Your chiropractor can also use noninvasive techniques to address restless leg syndrome and breathing problems.

Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness

Don’t let sleepless nights keep you from living your life to the fullest in Clearwater. At our chiropractic clinic, Dr. Marc Rogers can address your concerns and help improve your sleep with spinal adjustments. You no longer have to rely on over-the-counter aids or caffeinated beverages. Combat restlessness with natural methods by calling our facility today at 727-581-2774!