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Chiropractic Treatment: How Young Adults Benefit

Tweens, teenagers, and college-aged young adults are very different, yet very similar. Their development, both mental and physical, is in vastly different stages, but their bodies are going through similar changes. In addition, they face many of the same problems, both socially and physically. There is no age restriction on chiropractic treatment. Anyone from infants to senior citizens can benefit from the healing powers of spinal adjustments. Just because someone is young, one should not rule out visiting a chiropractor in Clearwater to address his or her health concerns.

Puberty, Growth, and Development

From the age of about 12 or 13, tweens begin experiencing the onset of puberty and the changes that it brings about to their bodies. This developmental stage is critical for becoming a healthy, well-rounded adult, physically and mentally. This is the time where many cases of scoliosis are diagnosed because doctors and nurses know to keep an eye on developing spines. By catching the condition early on, the chiropractic treatment can begin to reduce the progression. Even for those in Clearwater without spinal conditions, there can only be benefits when it comes to making sure that the spine, pelvis, and spinal cord are all happily in alignment. This promotes growth, healing, immunity, and so much more.

Screen Time, Texting, and Chiropractic Treatment

With major changes to technology and the way we use it in our everyday lives, health conditions have, of course, arisen from the use. Tweens, teens, and young adults in Clearwater are notoriously given flak for spending so much time looking at screens, whether the TV, their computer, or their phone. The habitual craning of the neck to read texts and computers can actually have a strong impact on the spine. Hardly anybody uses the proper, healthy posture when using technology and it has bred a host of young people with spinal issues who need chiropractic treatment.

School: Books, Backpacks, and Extracurricular Activities

Recent studies show that a large percentage of back, shoulder, and neck pain starts before the age of 18. While it may not present itself strongly at that time, it can become a larger issue later on in life. Why does this happen to those of a younger age? It is because the body is still developing and is more susceptible to molding and influence. Also, while kids are flexible and resilient, many take it too far and do permanent damage in the process. What do we mean by this? Many kids in Clearwater play sports (tackle football, rugby, etc.), and take risks that can lead to serious injury. A lot of this is occurs in the educational environment during extracurricular and school activities. However, you can lessen damage and pain with chiropractic treatment.

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