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Injured in Seminole? Visiting a Chiropractic Clinic vs. an Urgent Care Clinic

It can happen to anyone: you’re in the middle of your routine when something happens. All of a sudden you end up with an injury. Whether you were in a fender bender in Seminole or you fell, you should visit a medical professional to address your injuries. Some people are confused about when they should go to a walk-in emergency facility or when they can go to a chiropractic clinic. This guide will help you determine which is best based on your situation.

Injuries You Can Take to a Chiropractic Clinic

Not every chiropractic clinic in Seminole offers a walk-in option, but Coastal Chiropractic does. Therefore, if you need immediate care, we can help. If you were in a car accident and are not in any immediately life-threatening condition, a chiropractor may be able to treat your injuries. Many victims of car accidents face injuries such as whiplash, sore backs, and muscle strains, all of which a chiropractor can help treat.

If you were playing sports or being active when you were injured, a chiropractic clinic may be able to help. A chiropractor in Seminole can help patients dealing with sprains, strains, and more. You can see a chiropractor for help with conditions like joint pain, tendonitis, tension, insomnia, headaches, and ear infections.

Injuries You Should Take to Urgent Care

If you are bleeding, have broken bones, hit your head, or are experiencing life-threatening conditions such as anaphylaxis, call 911 or get to an urgent or emergency care center as soon as possible.

Those in Seminole dealing with severe, crippling back pain can visit a chiropractic clinic for pain relief. However, most clinics only have the equipment to perform diagnostics and adjustments, rather than procedures. Therefore, you may end up at an urgent care center at the recommendation of your chiropractor. This is especially true if you need an invasive procedure or surgery.

For Accident Injuries, Visit a Walk-In Chiropractic Clinic

After a car accident in Seminole, you can visit the walk-in chiropractic clinic at Coastal Chiropractic for attentive care and treatment. Our professional team of caregivers ensures all of our patients receive the care they need to recover from their injuries. We know that life throws the unexpected at you sometimes, so we offer flexible hours. To learn more about our services, call us today at (727) 581-2774 or contact us online