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4 Perks That a Walk In Chiropractic Clinic Provides

Not everyone in Largo knows about the benefits of walk in chiropractic clinics, especially if they have never received chiropractic care. Are you feeling dizzy after a rear-end collision? Have your migraines become too much? Did you wake up with a tight neck? When discomfort prevails, it’s not always easy to get in to see a medical practitioner right away. Our facility offers day-of services. Consider the many perks we provide!

1. Immediate Attention

You can’t always get in to see your doctor when you’re in a pinch. They have to honor patient appointments, and the ER staff can only give you so much assistance. This usually comes in the form of prescription pain pills, which relieve pain for the moment, but not in the long-term. At our walk in chiropractic clinic in Largo, you are seen the same day you come in, even without an appointment. While you might not see the chiropractor upon arrival, you will see him that day. Most of all, this immediate attention is crucial for finding relief and beginning recovery.

2. Pain Relief

Dr. Marc Rogers will assess the spinal cord and identify misalignments that create discomfort and unwanted symptoms, like foggy brain, headaches, and more. With your permission, he will explain and apply adjustments so you can experience pain relief.

3. The First Step to Recovery

It’s one thing to initially relieve the strain, and it’s another to try and tackle the underlying causes. Misalignments create all kinds of complications from sore shoulders and tight back muscles to dizziness and migraines. By coming to our walk in chiropractic clinic, you initiate the first step to recovery. It may seem like you have to live a limited life in Largo, but our chiropractor can help you begin to reclaim your health!

4. Options for Future Care

Since your initial appointment is merely the beginning of recovery, we offer opportunities for healing like physical therapy, manual adjustments, and massage in Largo. These techniques promote alignment and encourage healthy rehabilitation. Furthermore, these minute changes can positively affect your sleep, weight, physical activity, and more.

Choose Our Walk In Chiropractic Clinic

If you need pain relief, choose Dr. Marc Roger’s walk in chiropractic clinic. Here, you receive day-of attention, freedom from discomfort, and the start of rehabilitation. Since we promote a holistic lifestyle, we offer accompanying services like:

  • Computerized postural examinations
  • Computerized spinal thermography
  • Exercise / injury rehabilitation
  • Herniated disc therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Lifestyle advice

These services are noteworthy because they all contribute to a life well lived in Largo, so call our walk in chiropractic clinic today at 727-581-2774!