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Seminole Chiropractic: Walk In Clinic

One of the many advantages to our chiropractic services that sets us apart from others in the Seminole area is that we offer a walk in clinic for patients who need—or simply want—same-day attention but don’t want to sit in an emergency room waiting area for hours on end. Our clinic is available for people who want need urgent care but don’t want to go through the hassle and inconvenience of trying to book an appointment with their primary physicians. And because we offer a wide range of services, from nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to postural examinations and herniated disc therapy, we are always happy to invite patients with all different problems to visit us.

Chiropractic Care Is For Everyone!

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic care is not just for those who are suffering from back or neck pain. Below are just some of the reasons Seminole residents should come to our walk in clinic.

  1. You have recently been in a car accident. As specialists in treating auto accident injuries, we understand the importance of examining and treating patients who have been in car accidents as quickly as possible. Waiting to seek medical attention, or failing to do so altogether, cannot only cause problems later down the line with your insurance company, but it can also result in severe and painful symptoms that could have been prevented with immediate care. Treating people who have sustained injuries from a car accident—however minor or mild they may be—is one of the main reasons we opened our walk in clinic.
  2. You have had reoccurring aches and pains. This isn’t just referring to your back and neck, either. While the spinal column is one of the primary focuses of chiropractic care, it is not the only area we specialize in. Anything from chronic migraines and trouble sleeping, to muscle spasms and ear infections, having an experienced chiropractor give you a screening and examination could help you significantly alleviate pain and discomfort experienced throughout your body, since one of the goals of chiropractic is to make sure the central nervous system is functioning properly.
  3. You have a sports injury. Whether you are a professional athlete or just someone who works out on a consistent basis, making sure your muscles and tissues are healing properly after a workout are key to your long-term physical fitness goals. In addition to massage therapy and spinal adjustments, we also offer corrective exercises to help those who have been injured or recently undergone surgery heal faster and more effectively.

If you live in the Seminole area and are interested in making an appointment at our office, or just want to check out our walk in clinic, give us a call at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness today!