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Visit a Walk in Clinic After a Car Accident

If you need to visit a walk in clinic in the Largo area after being in a car accident, don’t wait another second before coming to see us at Coastal Chiropractic. After a collision, usually one of two things happen: either the person involved assumes that because the accident was minor and they feel “fine,” with no significant injuries, and don’t seek medical attention at all, or the person understands that seeing a health practitioner would be in their best interest, regardless of the severity of their injuries, and decide to go to the ER.

The problem with the first scenario is that oftentimes, injuries caused by a car accident have symptoms that don’t surface until hours, sometimes even days, after the collision. Waiting to seek medical treatment cannot only cause more damage to any affected areas, but it can also hurt your chances of your insurance company covering any medical expenses associated with the car accident.

On the other hand, if you decide to go to the emergency room, you will typically have to wait hours to even be seen—and even once you are you are usually just given some quick, immediate drug or medication to alleviate your pain, and then sent on your way.

Coastal Chiropractic’s Walk in Clinic in Largo

This is why you should visit a walk in clinic immediately following a car accident. At Coastal Chiropractic, we have years of experiencing treating residents of Largo for all different types of injuries, ailments, and disorders—including whiplash, back and neck pain, fractures, and other trauma-related injuries. We are experts in holistic, safe, and effective forms of treatment which not only locate, identify, and diagnose any existing problems, but develop a custom, non-invasive treatment plan that gets to the root of the problem, instead of just masking the symptoms.

Another way you will benefit when you decide to visit a walk in clinic after an accident is that, at Coastal Chiropractic of Largo, we make sure you are seen ASAP. We know the sooner you are seen, the better—and we will never make you wait hours on hours to be seen and treated. While you may be at the bottom of the “high priority” list in a hospital, you will always be our main focus and concern when you come to our office. In fact, we created our walk in clinic with patients like those involved in car accidents in mind!

To learn more about our office give us a call today—or feel free to just stop by for immediate treatment! You can also book an appointmentonline, and even fill out new patient forms ahead of time.