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5 Chiropractic Services to Assist During Pregnancy

Whether you’re expecting your first child or you already have a few bundles of joy, chiropractic services help throughout all stages of your pregnancy. Your body undergoes many changes, internally and externally, during this time. Some women experience acid reflux or insomnia. Others have discomfort in their lower back. Instead of dismissing these symptoms as ‘part of being pregnant,’ consult with a chiropractor to optimize your health in Clearwater.

1. Manual Adjustments

Your body is expanding to accommodate another human being, and baby isn’t the only one who’s developing. The further you get into your pregnancy, the more your spinal structure shifts. While this is a natural part of carrying a child, it doesn’t change that such alterations can cause discomfort. Chiropractic services, like adjustments, help relieve pain in Clearwater.

2. Postural Examinations

Postural examinations prove helpful when it comes to monitoring how you carry yourself. When pregnant, your center of gravity shifts, so your posture adjusts accordingly. However, comfort doesn’t always mean correct, so consult with a chiropractor to protect your spine during this time.

3. Physical Therapy

To give birth, you want your body in prime condition, and if injuries nag you in Clearwater, you need to address them upfront. Physical therapy is an application of corrective exercises and rehabilitative procedures. They’re gentle, so you can complete the movements throughout every trimester in the comfort of your home.

4. Massage Therapy

Your changing body sustains life, but it also undergoes aches and strains. Soreness or stiffness makes sleep difficult, and you may start limiting your daily activities. Instead of living small, consider the benefits of chiropractic services, like a massage. Massage therapy relieves tension and promotes relaxation, which is good for you and your baby-to-be in Clearwater.

5. Lifestyle Advice

A chiropractor assesses the spine, but Dr. Marc Rogers also offers lifestyle advice. From nutritional counseling and caffeine intake to exercise plans and whole food supplements, you get all the information you need to support your OB’s instructions. When you’re pregnant, it’s important to have trustworthy resources. Let our staff assist you!

Coastal Chiropractic Services Are the Best!

The staff at our facility near Clearwater understands that pregnant women require expert care and attention. Dr. Marc Rogers helps women feel their best before, during, and after each trimester. By establishing yourself with a chiropractor, you lay the groundwork for optimal spinal health for everyone in your family. We offer chiropractic services like:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal screenings
  • Foot scans
  • And more!

We’re here to support our clients, whatever their circumstances. If you’re expecting, come on in for chiropractic services. Perhaps, you were in a car crash and need assistance with auto accident injuries. Whatever the case, you can make an appointment by calling 727-581-2774.