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Headache Help from a Chiropractor

Migraines are not always the root cause of head aches and pains in Clearwater. Spinal and neck misalignment can cause severe headaches. Thankfully, a chiropractor at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness can help you out. We specialize in relieving discomfort in the body through non-invasive, affordable, and safe treatments. Don’t cover up the issue with pain medications. Treat the source for a more permanent solution.

What Causes Headaches?

Headaches can occur for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Dehydration or constipation
  • Stress or tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Too much or not enough sleep
  • Poor diet or hunger
  • Poor lighting and eye strain
  • Overindulgence in food, drinks, or smoking
  • Infection or tumors
  • Diabetes

A headache is your body’s way of signaling to you that something is not right. In some cases, the spinal bones can become misaligned. When this occurs, tension and irritation in the blood vessels of the neck can take place. If constriction of these blood vessels that provide blood to the brain transpire, then a headache can strike.

How to Find Relief with a Chiropractor

It is important to act quickly at the onset of a headache. The faster you can receive care, the less likely your headache is to intensify.  Relief can be found through:

  • Regular treatments with a chiropractor in Clearwater
  • Appling a cold compress to the affected area
  • Using a heating pad on the neck and shoulders to help relive muscle tension
  • Avoiding light and excess noise
  • Laying down with a small pillow beneath the head
  • Gently massaging the back of the neck

How can Chiropractic Treatments Alleviate Headaches?

As your chiropractor, we will ensure that you undergo personalized evaluations prior to any adjustments. It is important to localize the source of discomfort and to determine if chiropractic work is a recommended treatment for your headaches. This examination will tell us if your spine is aggravated or if you are experiencing subluxations— small misalignments in the vertebra. Treatments can realign and alleviate all tension. We can also work with you on preventative stretches and you can participate in massage therapy to help relax neck muscles.

Chiropractic care aims to prevent irritation in the neck, back, head, and the rest of your body through spinal manipulation for immediate relief. Make Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness your number one choice for care from a chiropractor. Call one of our specialists today in Largo, Seminole, or Clearwater. (727) 581-2774.