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Myth vs. Fact: Auto Accidents & Chiropractic Care

Although many Clearwater residents have embraced the numerous benefits chiropractic care offers to people who have recently been involved in car accidents. There are still a lot of skeptics in the area. Unfortunately, myths about the popular post-collision healing tool still exist and discourage people from seeking the proper treatment after they’ve been hurt.

Myth: If one or more vehicles involved in the accident are not significantly damaged, you cannot be seriously injured

Fact: Even the most seemingly minor fender-bender can cause whiplash, sprains, or strains of the neck and back. Even the slightest jolt from another vehicle can cause enough forceful movement to knock your spine out of alignment or cause joint subluxation. You could still be injured internally even though your car is not totaled and your bones aren’t broken. If you’ve sustained an internal injury from even a minor accident, you should seek Clearwater chiropractic care physician immediately in order to avoid long-term health concerns.

Myth: If you don’t feel pain within the first 72 hours after an automobile accident, you have not suffered any injuries

Fact: While most people start to feel pain or discomfort within the first 72 hours of being in an accident, this is not always the case. In some patients it can take up to two weeks before starting to feel the effects of the accident. Subluxation or other issues that can occur in a collision often cause inflammation, which builds up over time. Meaning, while you’re “taking it easy” after an accident, you may actually be giving your body time to increase inflammation, causing you to feel pain well after your accident has occurred. It’s possible for even the slightest injuries to have a lifelong effect on your mobility. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear. Visit your local Clearwater area chiropractor immediately following an automobile accident.

Myth: Most automobile accident injuries are not serious and should heal on their own without chiropractic care

Fact: Some injury-related pain will subside with time. But your body cannot fully heal itself if your spine or joints have been knocked out of alignment. Some insurance adjusters may try to convince you of this in order to sway you from seeking out a physician’s opinion. But the facts of the matter are that the only way to ensure proper healing is to seek chiropractic care immediately following an auto accident.

Myth: Chiropractic Care Only Treats Spine Problems

Fact: Chiropractors can help with a lot more then just neck and spine issues. A chiropractor can also help you with nutritional advice and even moderate exercises to do at home. Your visit with a chiropractor doesn’t necessarily end when you leave their office. They will provide you with therapeutic methods and assist you with various areas you’re experiencing pain. Don’t remain under the assumption that chiropractors are not “real” doctors. Chiropractors are qualified professionals that change lives by providing a real solution to the problem. Rather than just masking pain with possibly harmful and addictive medications.

Coastal Chiropractic Care of Clearwater

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, the best thing that you can do to ensure a healthy future with less pain is to visit Dr. Marc Rogers of Coastal Chiropractic in Clearwater. His knowledge and experience with auto-injury chiropractic care will help you feel better faster.

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