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Questions to Ask Your Family Chiropractor

Sometimes when we need help we will follow anyone’s advice, but when it comes to your health, Coastal Chiropractic encourages you to ask those important questions your family chiropractor in Clearwater. There are common questions that your specialist should answer within the first visit, such as what is causing the pain, what area needs to be treated, and how long treatment is required before noticing improvement.

There are also questions you may have that your chiropractor can answer to help you both physically and mentally. Remember, an open and honest line of communication between doctor and patient is invaluable; so ask questions and share observations. Here are a few questions you can ask your specialist:

What Can I Do to Help My Injury?

If you’re seeing a family chiropractor in Clearwater, you most likely have assigned treatment outside of the doctor’s office. If you do not, this is a problem. A responsible and committed doctor will provide exercises to assist your recovery. However, there could be more you could do outside of what the doctor tells you. Ask about different exercises you can try, or if strengthening surrounding muscles would benefit. Inquire about your diet and regular exercise to see if simple alterations in your daily routine will aid your recovery or prevent further damage. Tell the doctor what type of furniture you sit on at home, what shoes you wear, and ask if you need a different material or model with better support.

How a Family Chiropractor Treat My Specific Problem?

A good family chiropractor in Clearwater will be able to tell you why he or she has you do certain exercises and uses certain techniques. Physicians should never guess when assigning a treatment plan; there should be reason behind it, and it should be a specialized treatment for each patient. Educating the patient can be beneficial in the mental portion of recovery, as the reason may give you motivation to move forward. It will also give you an idea of what you should not do in order to avoid suffering setbacks.

What results has he/she seen in similar cases?

Although even the same problem can be different from each person’s body, you want to get a better picture of how well and fast you can recover. Physicians often learn something from helping each patient, and knowing their experiences can improve your knowledge of what is expected of you and what you can expect from your Clearwater family chiropractor.

There is plenty of information that can benefit you in your recovery, and Dr. Marc Rogers is happy to provide you with that information and help guide you. Give us a call today at 727-581-2774.