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Why Visit a Local Chiropractor in Largo for Injuries?

Healing conditions through non-invasive means is not a new idea and has frequently been subject to study throughout history. However, through advancements in imaging technology and more, chiropractic medicine is more efficient than ever. A local chiropractor can save you time and reduce pain when dealing with injuries and constant discomfort. Largo residents can rely on Dr. Marc Rogers to target trouble areas and improve their range of motion and wellbeing. Injuries and problems such as sprains, broken bones, back pain, and more show results through alternative physical therapy.

When comparing chiropractic results to that of traditional medicine such as prescription medication, it is just as effective without the adverse effects of opioids and other drugs. Researchers have found that the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for pain and injuries may be a result of factors like:

  • Effective spinal manipulation
  • Care and advice for healthy lifestyles
  • Consistent treatment
  • Exercise

Patients in Largo can benefit from not having to rely on medication or invasive surgery to resolve their pain.

How can a Local Chiropractor Benefit Mental and Physical Health?

Spinal subluxation can result in numerous symptoms that can be mistaken for the core issue. A non-traditional local chiropractor is specially trained to look at the spine of patients to discover subluxations. What many people may be unaware of is that subluxations affect the body and mind. Since the spinal column plays such as important role in transmitting signals, disruptions can cause:

  • Foggy thinking
  • Irritability
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Depression and anxiety

Largo residents suffering from chronic pain and depression may find that prescription medication does not help. Without any treatment of the subluxation using spinal manipulation, often, nothing improves. Medication can be beneficial in the short term, but constant use can result in dependency. Also, certain opioids may slow down the healing process. A study in a 2016 journal titled Wound Repair and Regeneration found that patients who do not use opiates heal noticeably faster.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic Clinic in Largo

A local chiropractor in Largo can safely target areas of injury or pain with methods such as low-level laser therapy, corrective exercise, and massage therapy. Dr. Marc Rogers at Coastal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness can also help in cases involving auto injuries. Auto injuries can easily damage the neck and spine due to whiplash.

If you find yourself suffering from an auto injury, a local chiropractor can ease the difficulties of healing and staying active. You can get in touch with Coastal Chiropractic today by going online or calling (727) 581-2774.