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Chiropractic Clinic Tips: How to Improve Self-Care Everyday

Visiting a chiropractic clinic is important for your spinal health, but there are things you can do every day to help improve your wellness. Life in Clearwater is busy, and many people don’t think they have time for self-care. However, all it requires is small changes and mindfulness, as well as developing healthy routines.

Develop a Regular Schedule for Chiropractic Clinic Visits

One of the most important ways you can ensure you’re taking care of yourself is scheduling regular visits to a chiropractic clinic in Clearwater. Your treatments will vary based on your needs, and your doctor will recommend a schedule that’ll help you get the results you want. You’ll have to be diligent about making and keeping appointments, performing at-home exercises, and following your doctor’s guidelines for care.

Get Good Sleep

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping, and sleep is critical to survival. During sleep, the body rests, restores, and heals. Therefore, getting high-quality sleep can improve your health. Most adults should aim for eight hours of sleep every night. Your sleeping posture affects your spine, so discuss your sleeping habits with your chiropractic clinic. They’ll recommend sleeping on your side or back and not your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach places unnecessary pressure on your spine, causing pain. Back sleepers should place a pillow under their knees or neck to ease the body into a natural position. For side sleepers, place pillows under your neck and between the knees to even out the spine. Or you can read our article “3 ways to naturally improve sleep.”

Choose Bags And Purses Wisely

The bags you wear have a significant impact on your spine’s health. Your body works to balance out the uneven weight and severely throw off your spinal muscles’ function. Long term use of an inefficient bag can cause spinal compression and end up leaving you with chronic pain. So there are a few things to consider when choosing a purse or backpack and how you function with it. 

  • Ensure your bag is lightweight 
  • Your bag should have wide or multiple straps 
  • Change the position of your bag continually throughout the day

Choosing a lightweight bag allows your body not to work so hard to evenly distribute the weight—same idea with a bag that has multiple straps. The straps help even out the weight, and there’s less stress on your body to naturally balance itself. Changing your bag’s positions is also an excellent way to keep weight in multiple areas rather than one shoulder all day long. 

Consider Your Habits

Your daily habits, such as sitting and exercising, can also affect your spinal health. Many people in Clearwater spend eight hours a day at work sitting at a desk. Be sure to take breaks and walk around every 30 minutes or so. Get up, stretch, and move around. Also, pay attention to your posture while sitting. Many people slouch or hunch over when sitting, and staying in this position for lengthy periods of time can lead to back pain.

Use caution with exercise. Visit a chiropractic clinic in Clearwater to discuss your ideal workout or exercise routine with a chiropractor. They can guide your exercise habits and recommend certain exercises. Walking every day is important, and you should work in elements of cardio, strength, and core training for well-rounded health. However, each person is unique, and not every fitness program will work for everyone.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic Clinic in Clearwater to Improve Your Self-Care

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